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People who recover from COVID-19 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are considered to be immune to the virus for just one month after their recovery.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache was asked whether the Ministry of Health treats as immune for a particular period of time, someone who is proven, by PCR test, to have recovered from COVID-19.

Keizer-Beache said that health officials have confirmed in SVG, seven cases of people who have been proven, by PCR tests, to be infected with COVID-19 twice.

“So a person had COVID in the past — PCR confirmed — and, again, they turn up now, months later, and they are, again, COVID positive. So they have been infected again, most likely by a new variant,” Keizer-Beache said.

“As we have [the] Gamma [variant] circulating predominantly here, the Ministry of Health does not recognise that person beyond one month as being immune at this stage, because even though there is research suggesting that some persons have very good immunity, what is also known is that that immunity is not consistent.

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“So Person A might have immunity from an infection that might last six months, and Person B might have immunity that might last two months. And, therefore, in the Ministry of Health, our position is that that person needs to be vaccinated in order for us to say this person has immunity that we can reliably say exists,” the chief medical officer said.

10 replies on “COVID survivors considered immune for 1 month after recovery”

  1. This is so wrong. How can the Chief Medical Officer of SVG say that person only have reliable immunity when COVID-19 Vaccinated when actually the so called science says that even though a person has been vaccinated they still can be reinfected with covid-19 and they still can spread the virus and clearly the records of have also shown that persons who have been fully vaccinated have still died from being infected with COVID; most recent case Colin Powell of the United States who had underlining conditions. How then Ms. Keizer are you able to say that being VACCINATED IS CONSIDERED RELIABLE IMMUNITY from COVID-19. No other country’s Chief Medical Officer in the world have ever declared any of the vaccines developed to provide immunity, they can not even provide guarantees that a vaccinated person would not be reinfected with the virus. How is it that SVG’S Chief Medical Officer able to make such BOLD declaration. Please ask her to clarify and correct this misleading and false statement she made. NONE OF THE VACCINES AVAILABLE PROVIDES IMMUNITY AT ALL.

  2. Foot in mouth? Those in authority ought to know who they are and what we expect of them, which is a higher standard, This is serious language, or Ms Beach just like to talk plenty. about mutations and immunity. testing is very easy to do. the MOH is going to sing the chorus now. But, where and how are they going to spend our money. Are they going to help businesses to cope? or is Donkey before the cart again?

  3. Lennox Lampkin says:

    Unbelievable that this is even published! This is the sort of stories that turns us off from local news!

  4. Sigh here we go again with the miss information and disinformation from someone who persons believe should know better..! Clearly she don’t..! Is this 1985 or 2021 ..? Come on people Logic reason and 1% of critical thinking can debunk anything that this woman says

  5. sensible person says:

    I agree with Latoya and other people commenting. I would also like to add that the sacred PCR test was not designed to test respiratory viruses and the Mr. Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, said it cannot read for Covid-19 accurately! Soon after stating this Mr. Mullis conveniently died.
    Elon Musk took 4 PCR tests one day… 2 of them were positive, 2 of them were negative. ELON MUSK CAME OUT AND SAID THAT IN PUBLIC. THE MEDIA IGNORES THIS!

    We need to get a CMO that practices science, not politics saturated agendas.

    Science in other countries has found that so far Covid-recovered people are immune for at least 18 months, maybe many years, and any future infection will be mild.
    Our CMO is probably mistaking patients that had the flu, not Covid-19.

    I have NO TRUST in her anymore anyway she thinks we all are stupid! She should look in the mirror!

  6. So this person is saying that the vaccines only works for a month? Kenton is probably on holidays and someone else is running the news website. What a thing. I can hardly believe they would publish this obviously false statement.

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