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SVG has been struggling with it vaccination numbers.
SVG has been struggling with it vaccination numbers.
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By Shefflorn Ballantyne

With new colonial masters dictating the wishes of the World Economic Forum (WEF), SVG pauses for “Independence” before firing numerous healthy and loyal employees. After attacking our constitutional right of “freedom of conscience”, Judas goats still choreograph before us thinking we are too stupid to recognise the proverbial slaughter ahead.  We have been captured; can’t you see? They have divided us. Those who object to their medical tyranny have been marked for the “guillotine”. They pretend it is for your own good, and you fall for it because you did not think long enough to see through the lies they trade from day to day.

Independence Day in 2021 is fraught with uncertainties and fears as the ruling regime in St. Vincent and the Grenadines prepares to fire unvaccinated state employees. The law has been crafted and passed. The statutory rules and orders gazetted. The termination date has been set and the firing squads are ready. All this as most religious leaders sing from the song sheet of new colonial masters.

Who are the ones issuing the orders here? The people do not want the […] “vaccine” and the low uptake is evidence of this. The government has no popular support for these covid jabs nor anti-conscience mandates. There is a huge demand for alternative treatments and preventative measures, much to the annoyance of high-ranking health officials whose covid-19 approach excludes the safe drug – Ivermectin. Prescribe and dispense Ivermectin for covid-19 and you may be in serious trouble.

When you remove the sock puppets, you will discover a plot to lead the globe into “The Great Reset”. The crippling lockdowns and draconian mandates have reaped huge success towards that goal. The shoddy science, the weaponising of a coronavirus by a lab in Wuhan, the reckless rollout of experimental jabs with no long-term safety data supporting their use in the population, the reckless assurances of safety and efficacy and the media dictatorship have all lead to countless deaths and other adverse reactions among those who participate in this global trial. Over 17,000 deaths have been reported by VAERS, a US government database. VAERS only captures less than 1% of actual events, an indication that there are many more cases unreported.

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Behind the puppets of the Great Reset sits the real colonialist masters of today. [They …] are the architects whose exhortations of a New World Order have set the draconian measures in the Caribbean in motion. Back in 2019, the WEF teamed up with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to run what was by all objective measures a dress rehearsal for a “novel coronavirus” outbreak. The simulation was called Event 201 and occurred 10 weeks before the covid-19 outbreak began in Wuhan China. What they knew then is anyone’s guess. But what is clear is the resemblance between Event 201 and the communist measures implemented in nations during this covid-19 pandemic.

There is a new group of masters who seek to control your mind and body, destroying freedom of conscience and autonomy in the process. This “vaccine” push has nothing to do with your health, but everything to do with taking from you what is your most personal possession. The mountain of lies about the jab’s ability to “stop the spread” has been debunked numerous times over.

This independence, as some of you prepare to lose your jobs, look beyond the puppets, lift the veil that covers the real culprits and see the global actors responsible for the asinine and communistic mandates under which you suffer. Your government is following the prompt — “As long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe” — Klaus Schwab. They are deluded by a “Build Back Better” socialist exhortation from the WEF of Davos.

Be the sheep who stops and turns away from the Judas goats. Lead others away from “vaccine” damage with sound science and moral reasoning. Stand for liberty of conscience for all. Reject and do not comply with jab mandates that violate your God-instructed conscience.

Remember, “It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own.” — (Thomas Jefferson).

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5 replies on “Unhappy Independence with new colonial masters”

  1. All unfounded nonsense! What a load of bias rubbish. This reads more like the ramblings of a mad person, experiencing delusions of paranoia. There is not a single attempt to justify a single argument here with fact. Not one. This is what counts as an opinion piece? Is this really worth sharing? Seriously? This?

  2. But, but, but, the vaccines are safe! Our CMO has told us no one in SVG has ever died or been negatively affected by the vaccines. They are all happy and may live that way…forever! All those deaths of people mainly within 3-4 months after taking the vaccine are all just coincidence.

    Some are not dead at all…They are on vacation.
    And it is only luck that some countries without forcing mask wearing, forced vaccination and lock downs are the places with the lowest Covid infected and deaths. It is only coincidence that SVG started getting more covid after we started vaccinations.
    Look at Palestine, about the least vaccinated and some of the lowest Covid numbers in the world, and Israel, a most vaccinated and has the most covid, just like Denmark and Taiwan. Florida has no mask mandated, no forced vaccinations and now THE LOWEST COVID IN THE USA! Does anyone see a trend? The more vaccinations= the more Covid!

  3. All who are taking what the government are saying about the taking of the vaccine and are refusing are going to die. So all the bias behaviour you all is going on with us going to bring heart ace to a lot of your families. Good luck to those who are refusing from getting the jab

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