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Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell in an undated internet photo.
Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell in an undated internet photo.
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Nov. 7, 2021

Dear Friends,

When I wrote to you this time last year, I noted that visitor and yacht numbers were severely down, businesses were struggling and employment had been affected as a result of the global Covid pandemic.

However, despite a slow start to the uptake of vaccines, I am pleased to learn that Bequia’s vaccination rate is notably higher than the national average overall, and as a result we are seeing small green shoots of recovery all around us.

We remain confident that better times are truly just around the corner, and look forward to welcoming new friends and old faces to Bequia in the coming weeks.

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But looking ahead to New Year’s Eve 2021, the reality is that the pandemic is not yet behind us, and restrictions on large gatherings are likely to remain in place for some time to come.

Furthermore, with times so hard for everyone, it would be wholly unreasonable to expect businesses and individuals to contribute to any appeal for funding for celebrations. So it is with great regret that I write to inform you that there will be no Fireworks Display again this year.

For those of you who may wish to make an early contribution to our New Year’s Eve Display 2022, cheques (payable to ‘Bequia NYE Celebration’) can be left at the Frangipani for my attention, mailed to the above address, or delivered to the Bequia Tourism Office for collection. Bank wiring details can also be supplied on request.

And to those of you who made an early contribution last year – we thank you again. Be assured that these funds are safely set aside now for 2022.

We also once again invite volunteers to join our Committee. Broad-based support is absolutely vital to keep the event going, and everyone has a role to play in ensuring that the event can continue for years to come.

With all best wishes for 2022, and much appreciation for your continued support.

Sir James Mitchell


Bequia NYE Celebration Committee

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One reply on “Sir James writes to committee about Bequia NYE Celebration”

  1. Brer Mitchell has already stretched out his begging basket for this year and next year. I wonder if these unimaginative sick old men can only come up begging internationally and soliciting our sympathy locally for their shortcomings while we and our children wallow in misery for decades upon decades long. All of you don’t have any shame? When God was sharing out shame you people were absent. Me, a poor black man or woman must wish and prayer for your best in return for your worst. All of you have no f…….ing shame. Look at the state of country. Look at the state of the people, more than half living below the poverty line. Most of our children are graduating high school with excellent marks only to hit the dead end of unemployment and misery. Then you want us to cry for you? Our families can’t afford foreign medical care we can only survive and wait for death. You f…ing bastard.

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