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Following the first anniversary of Digicel’s launch as a Digital Operator, the company continues to deliver on its promise to customers of simply more with the introduction of Digicel+. 

With official rollout scheduled to begin in November, 

Digicel+ is set to officially roll out this month across St.Vincent and the Grenadines its “super slick, superfast and super reliable broadband experience”.

The company siad that the service will be “underpinned by service delivery that is … second to none”. 

The company said that Digicel+ is the new name for Digicel’s best in class home and entertainment service. 

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“It comes with a promise of simply more power, speed and reliability and an investment of US$1 million to connect households and businesses across the country.”

The introduction of Digicel+ comes on the back of the Government’s CARCIP investment. Before CARCIP, 1GB speeds were unimaginable for SVG, but now, Vincentians can stay connected and have amazing entertainment options thanks to Digicel’s home fibre network. 

The service is currently available from Rillan Hill to Ratho Mill inSt.Vincent, and all across the Grenadines with new locations soon to come, the company said.

The roll out comes with an introductory offer to new customers. 

“Digicel+’s home fibre offering stands head and shoulders above any other broadband internet offerings in St.Vincent and the Grenadines; and now, with the technology available, Digicel+ customers will benefit from entry-level packages with speeds of 250Mb, going up to 1GB packages. 

“With all that speed, power and reliability, it means a superior internet experience for anyone on in the home, on any device. This also means that state-of-the-art Smart Solutions like Smart Homes and Smart Security are no longer just concepts, but a powerful reality,” the company said.

Commenting on the superfast Digicel+ offering, Fanta Williams of Digicel SVG said:

“As an integral part of our Digital Operator model, Digicel+ is the gateway to a Smart Life for our customers. We are super proud of our investment and our offering is literally the best by far in SVG, with more power, more speed and more reliability. We will continue to work with the Government to bring opportunity, supported by the best connectivity, to the citizens of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s more of what our customers expect; more of what they want and it’s another way that we can be a part of our customers’ digital lives – at home, on the go, anywhere and everywhere. Simply put, Digicel+ is simply more.”

Meanwhile, Minister Technology, Camillo Gonsalves, commenting on the government’s investment, said:

“For a multi-island state like Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and for a Government deeply committed to digital transformation, we are thrilled to further our cooperation with Digicel to deliver superfast broadband internet to citizens. When, as part of the CARCIP project, we signed our landmark agreement with Digicel to provide ICT services, we were envisaging the transformative ways that fast, reliable and affordable broadband could deliver growth, development and innovation to Vincentians. 

“Today, the challenges of the COVID pandemic have only re-emphasised the urgency of the logic that first drove our agreement. We applaud Digicel for fulfilling their pledge to deliver this service for the benefit of the Government, the private sector, and individuals.”

6 replies on “Digicel rolls out ‘super slick, superfast, super reliable’ fibre internet in SVG”

  1. Another rip off scheme by the fake Mac Coys. The rest of the world is on 4G going on 5G. The people of SVG almost always gets the crumbs and left overs. No wonder there is only hardship and no progress here. The only people making money is the government for themselves and the population is constantly duped. And now, with the usual chorus of covid 19 they will want to shove anything down the people’s throats. It’s a small wonder we are not still traveling on donkey carts. IWNSVG does reveal a lot about life in the island nation.

  2. Another lack of foresight on the part of government and their square pegs in round hole public servants! Why would you give one operator ( Digicel) control of so much of our marine fibre optic cable ?( Cable that tax payers funded/are repaying re: CARCIP loan).This is akind to the ridulous monopoly we currently have with Flow. Internet access is like water….it must be properly regulated to ensure equitable acccess.

    Historically, Digicel always start with a penetration price that will attract citizens …Then they ramp up the price higher than their competitor but then you become trapped with all the conditionalities

  3. What are you talking about? This is broadband internet the article is talking about. . . . not wireless data. You people from abroad does get things so wrong and be so misinformed. Total ignorance.

    Btw we are on 4G networks ignorant fool.

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