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Charity of a Smile
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A local Christian artiste has released a gospel music video, which she hopes will persuade viewers  to be “an angel” in these trying times.

“Due to all that we have been experiencing this year, namely the eruption of La Soufriere and COVID-19 and all that goes along with it, we cannot allow these negatives to steal all that is good and to be grateful for — including Christmas,” the artiste, Caywama Edwards–Cottle said.

The song, “Charity of a Smile”, was initially released in December 2017 and the music video premiered Sunday night. 

“Although Christmas is the most wonderful time of year for [me] and many others, for some people, it can be a nightmare — especially this year,” Caywama said. 

She is encouraging everyone to be a “ray of hope” this season. 

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“We … can turn frowns upside down. History has shown what can happen when people, in a unified manner, do something — whether good or bad — so, if we, as a people, are determined to do good this season, we can and we will, and history will thank us for it. 

“The actions don’t even have to be ‘ginormous’. We can begin simply with the charity (gift) of a smile (or a hug — virtually, of course) and work our way up! What we may deem as unimportant may just be what someone requires to enjoy the season!” 

In 2016, the Vincentian gospel artiste produced her debut music video for her first Christmas single, “Christ Child”. 

Caywama is also known for her WAR medley performance at Dance for Jesus in 2017 and appearances at Arise SVG – all local gospel charity concert in 2017 — SVG Gospel Fest,  and, among other local events, the Nine Mornings Festival. 

“The saying goes, ‘It’s not how we start, but how we end that matters!’ So, let’s end 2021 with what matters: gifting joy and love to those around us!” Caywama said. 

4 replies on “Local artiste releases ‘Charity of a Smile’ music video”

  1. Young lady you make me smile and shed tears. May God continue bless you as you for you about to make st vincent and the Caribbean proud. And you will make every black woman feel happy and beautiful. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Caywama, you make me proud as a Vincentian first and foremost. I have lived in the United States for many years now but let me assure you that you are on par with the best artist in the United States. Your voice is golden. Continue to bless us all.

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