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Taiwan donates COVID 19 test kits
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Taiwan Ambassador Peter Sha-Li Lan has handed over 10,000 COVID-19 rapid test kits to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves and Minister of Health St. Clair Prince on behalf of the government of Kaohsiung City and Eternal Materials Co., Ltd.  in Taiwan.

Representatives of donors, Mayor of the Kaohsiung City Chi-mai Chen, Chairman of Eternal Materials Co., Ltd. Kuo Lun Kao and Chairman of Kaohsiung City International Exchange Affairs Association Yi Heng Chen, also participated virtually in the ceremony on Dec. 22, 2021. 

Mayor Chen said that SVG and Taiwan have developed rock-solid friendship over the past 40 years since establishing diplomatic ties in 1981. Facing the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan has donated many batches of medical equipment and shared experiences with SVG, he said. 

On behalf of the people of Kaohsiung, Mayor Chen also thanked SVG for its support for Taiwan’s international participation, including former Health Minister Luke Browne’s speech in support of Taiwan at the World Health Assembly (WHA), and Gonsalves’s support on social media that advocated for Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO). 

He said that the Kaohsiung City government and Eternal Materials Co., Ltd., therefore, would like to show their support to SVG by jointly donated 10,000 COVID-19 rapid test kits, and hope the pandemic would come to an end soon. 

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Mayor Chen also invited Gonsalves to visit Kaohsiung City next time he is in Taiwan.

Gonsalves agreed with Mayor Chen regarding the relationship between Taiwan and SVG, saying that the countries were more like family than friends. 

He said that SVG will continue to stand with Taiwan. 

Gonsalves said Taiwan was not able to participate in many international organisations due to hegemonic politics, but he would continue speaking for justice at the international frontline,  and promoting Taiwan’s participation in international mechanisms in the fields of health, security, civil aviation and maritime. 

Gonsalves thanked the Government of Kaohsiung City and Eternal Materials Co., Ltd. for the donation of the test kits, saying it was the indication of commitment of both countries. 

The Prime Minister also recalled and appreciated the hospitality he received in Kaohsiung during his 2001 visit, adding that he would very much like to visit the city again during his next trip to Taiwan.

He also invited Mayor Chen and friends from Kaohsiung to visit SVG.

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  1. Happy 2022. Instead of setting up a tuna fish processing plant or some electronics factory in SVG. Taiwan always contributes some little thing which of course is a big thing for the endlessly skrunting and oppressive government of this proud to be a third world agriculture based economy nation of 99% blacks with minimal skilled workers. […] the living standards of our people remains as it has been for the past hundred years and only getting worse. Not an inch of progress while only producing pedofiles and other worthless sex offenders and super ignorant poorly educated individuals.

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