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Corporate laws

By Banke M. Ployie

While many CEO’s are glorified for their exceptional leadership skills, outstanding qualities and strong morals ,there are a few who fall short.

At this particular commercial bank, the current CEO over the years denotes he has no regard for the well-being of employees.

Employees are silence periodically as a culture of fear has been established in the institution.

Pertinent decision making is solely done by the CEO without consultation of the other managers.

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In addition, decision making in ambiguous situations often leads to biases as employees assignments are the responsibility of a husband and wife team as if the institution is a family-owned business. Long gone are the days where promotions were based on experience and qualifications. 

The senior management team has been muted, and the current board and union have failed the employees.

The lack of interest among board members, especially the HR Committee, is a clear indicator that they seem to be unaware of what is taking place inside the organisation.  This is made worst by their current failure to hold the current CEO accountable for his actions and non-actions.    

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4 replies on “Wrongdoings at a leading commercial bank”

  1. This article does a great job in showing the oppressive conditions many must work under. Progression begins when the bad and heartless behaviours of those who oppress is exposed. I hope this begins a series of change that will ultimately create a more positive, strength base approach that will have equitable outcomes for all employees. This is needed to ensure all clients are served in a manner that meaningful and helpful, free of judgement,

  2. Disagreeing with previous commenter Gus. The article lacks substance and does not show much, but we gather someone is trying to shine light on some issues. Speaking as someone once under the rule of the Northern Korea culture that exists in this bank, one measly article cannot capture the dictatorship of its leader. The morale of staff is low and plummeting and union dues are wasted every month with poor weakening representation. Shall we start with the unpaid overtime? Is Kim Jong-un above the laws of St Vincent and the Grenadines that he can bluntly announce that he is not paying more than 6 weeks of an outstanding 12 years? When employees are afraid to stand up for what is rightfully theirs, when even the union reps are cowering in fear of losing their mortgage payments, we know the system here is demoralizing and miserable to say the least.

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