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The quarry site in Richmond in February.
The quarry site in Richmond in February.
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The scientist who conducted an environmental impact assessment in North Leeward 14 years ago says it cannot be used to justify the quarry in Richmond.

What did the investor really mean when he said 99% of the aggregates will be exported?

Kenton Chance reports…

9 replies on “VIDEO: Quarry concerns continue in Richmond”

  1. Where will the quarry get the water from to run the sprinkler system to eliminate dust from the crushers in the dry season? The Hydro Electric system removes virtually all the water from the lower reaches of the Richmond river and its dry in those months. The sprinklers cannot use seawater so they will have to dam and tap the Walilabou River where flow can also be depleted. Has this been sanctioned and has an impact study been done? The Walilabou river is the primary source of Tree Tree for the area, how will it impact on this traditional food source.
    Next point, will the quarry impose a high demand on Vinlec to supply feed for electric motors? Can they?
    Finally the impact of the dust entering the lungs can take decades to manifest itself into cancers and other complications so are the Layou people you interviewed passing judgement too soon.

  2. Patel lost by one vote? hmmmm. smh. reminiscent of a certain US politician was needed officials to find one vote more than the winner?

  3. This is the same government who destroyed Bigger Bigs mining operation. They say they were concerned about the environment then, so where are those concerns now.
    They get rid of that local business base on grudge and petty politics, now they bring in foreigners.
    The Garifuna people were banished to Central America by these same white people. Most of the people in North of St. Vincent are descendants of the Garifunas, now we have descendants of the white oppressors repeating the same evil. Those lands should be sacred to the Garifuna people and their ancestors.

  4. Here is good evidence that the education revolution is a failure. Politicians are acutely aware of the level of ignorance in the population so they will come and talk empty talk, saying nothing and people will stand and applaud without understanding a word they hear. the chief executive is always insulting people to their face and they don’t know it. They will rig the system right under their noses and none will be the wiser.

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