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This photo, taken Jan. 13, 2022, shows a building at the former Buccament Bay Resort being demolished to make way for Sandals' Beaches SVG.
This photo, taken Jan. 13, 2022, shows a building at the former Buccament Bay Resort being demolished to make way for Sandals’ Beaches SVG.
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Adam Stewart, executive chairman of Sandals Resorts International, has announced that Sandals will increase its investment of US$100 million in the proposed Beaches St. Vincent and the Grenadines Resort.

The Ministry of Tourism said on Thursday that Stewart made the announcement on Monday during a visit to St. Vincent to give a status update on his company’s plans for the construction of the 350-room Beaches Resort at Buccament Bay.

The ministry did not say by how much the investment would be increased.

Stewart and his team, while presenting the design concept for Beaches Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Resort, expressed their excitement about the project, the release said. 

“I can assure you, this hotel will be second to none of anything we have ever done, anywhere it will be a bold statement not just for the destination but more so the evolution of the Sandals brands and guest experiences alike.”  

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Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart, executive chairman of Sandals Resorts International.

Minister of Tourism, Carlos James, in acknowledging his satisfaction with the ongoing project said:

“We look forward to the construction and operational phase of Beaches St. Vincent and the Grenadines Resort, which will be the first of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean.”

James said Beaches St. Vincent and the Grenadines Resort is now projected to employ more people during its operational phase.

Noting that with other major investments expected within the tourism sector, James  said that this will catapult SVG’s tourism product, stamping the destination as a true industry leader and the most diverse tourism destination among small island developing states.

“We are positioning our destination and our nationals to take full advantage of the expected boom within the tourism industry, this includes boosting our existing room stock by over 1200 within the next few years, new and additional flights from our source markets, opportunities for linkages for farmers and fishers and sustainable livelihood programmes through community tourism,” James said. 

Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves, Minister of Finance Hon. Camillo Gonsalves, other members of the Cabinet and staff from the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Sustainable Development and Culture, Invest SVG and the SVG Tourism Authority also attended the presentation. 

5 replies on “Sandals to increase $100m investment in Beaches SVG ”

  1. let’s hope we all benefit from this massive project, just to remind some benefit doesn’t always include personal gain, The bigger picture is what we should be looking at…

  2. Remember to pay government Taxes says:

    Here they go again in another Caribbean Island with their highfalutin PR ( public Relations)machinery. What we need to know is what is in their development agreement. What are the tax incentives and concessions. Another island for them to cast their plantation economics dogma. A company that claims to be Caribbean driven yet a black qualified professional gets nowhere in their company. I wish them the best! In a country where unemployment is so high the government will give them anything but over time let see. I am happy to see investment coming to the island but at what cost? Please make sure when they collect government taxes they pay it to the government. If you look throughout the Caribbean where they operate there is a dirty trail of mishandling government taxes.

  3. Sandalisation Ricky says:

    Again , my comments wasn’t posted Kenton. I want people to understand that all of these big promises about buying food and fish from locals is just a promise. It would be great if we know what’s in the development agreement. I am sure they will have duty free concessions on their food and beverage containers. What kind of tax wavier have they been given? This is just another of there public relations machine at work. We want investment but at what cost? As Vincentians we are too passive hence the reason why this government continues to do whatever they want. We vote them in and forget the value of our votes. I know if this isn’t posted I know that they have bought the local media already . They are good at manufacturing their fault narrative. Stop selling the country out for Pennies.

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