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 The Calliaqua Anglican School has been chosen to work with a United Nations organisation in celebrating International Women’s Day, March 8.

Grade 6 students Sadie Dopwell, Romanah James and Tyianna Williams, are helping the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, to highlight the role of women in protecting the planet’s vital land resources.

Corselle Smith, the school’s head teacher, said it is a special honour that students from SVG were chosen.

She said it is “an extremely special privilege” for her school to be asked to be the voice of schools around the world in this global endeavour.

Meanwhile, the students’ class teacher and coordinator of the exercise, Lydia Pope, said it is of real significance that SVG was chosen for this exercise.

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Pope pointed out that land space is very limited in SVG, a small island developing state, and that agriculture is central to the economy and food security, both of which depend on our productive land.

Smith said that for these and other reasons — such as preserving the water supply and preserving the forest — the protection of our bio-productive lands must be of interest to every Vincentian.

The project, which tells the story of women’s role in sustainable land management, is opened for participation from women around the world.

Vincentian women wishing to participate can visit the school’s Facebook page for more information.