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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, left, and Russia's Foreign Affairs Minister, Sergey Lavrov in a photo posted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on Twitter on Jan. 20, 2020.
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, left, and Russia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Sergey Lavrov in a photo posted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on Twitter on Jan. 20, 2020.
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One of the Vincentian students in Russia “may be interested” in returning home.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on radio on Sunday that he had seen a document suggesting this.

“We have had students and have students today in countries all over the world. In fact, we have in Russia. On Friday, my permanent secretary gave me a communication which suggested that a student in Russia may be interested in coming home,” Gonsalves said.

He continued:

“So I gave instructions to find out what are the circumstances and everything. But up to that point, we have had no queries, no problems. 

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“… the issue is how people could receive some monies. Because of the sanctions, they are out of the SWIFT system, but, as you correctly said, we’re trying to work out with the Russian ambassador in Guyana, who is responsible for Russian relations with St. Vincent and the Grenadines. So, we’re working there.”

On Feb. 28, after Moscow invaded Ukraine, Opposition Leader Godwin Friday called for the repatriation of Vincentian students in Russia, including two police officers.

“What are our police officers doing training in Russia? What could it teach us about policing in a democracy?”

iWitness News understands that the police officers, who have been in Russia since 2018, are studying “national security matters”.

The opposition leader said that bringing the Vincentian students home is “not just a matter of security”, adding that it is Ukraine that is “physically being at risk of being violated. 

“But nevertheless, our people who are studying in these countries, to say that we are terminating those programmes and calling them home is a stance that we can send a message and say you can’t do what you’re doing in Ukraine and expect business as usual or expect relationships as usual.”

12 replies on “Russia responds to PM Gonsalves’ letter to Putin”

  1. I wonder if Ralph is still a friend of Russian after what was seen on TV; Look at how many innocent people were slaughtered because they refuse to be govern by a dictator. SVG should and must drop all association with Russia and its people.
    The people of Ukraine and Layou come out in large numbers when their lives and democratic principles are in danger.

  2. Concerned Reader says:

    What does this have to with Russia responding to PM Gonsalves’ letter? Was this a mistake?

  3. Elma Gabrie Mayers says:

    This is surely one of those captivating headlines of no ingredient, Media tactics as usual. “Russia responds to PM Gonsalves’ letter to Putin”. Iwitness; Where is the respond?

  4. Ralph, you seriously have to start to attend to your obesity. Do yourself a favor and cut down on the gluttenousness, it is confusing you. Lavrov and Nebenzya are enormous liars. Ralph, have you seen what is happening right now in Bucha, Ukraine? The ordinary man in SVG don’t know that. You feel important because you had a photo-op with the Russian minister but looks can be deceiving so we don’t buy that. Putin would love to have another Caribbean nation in their grip but the peace loving Vincentian people don’t want that. All you marxist dictators are cut from the same cloth but for you time will tell that you had this one wrong again.

  5. skeckpalmeryahoocom did you see the carnage that was left in Libya,Iraq and Afghanistan?.It seems when a different race of people is on the receiving of war and destruction the media seen to notice.PS all the Ukraine govt have to do is keep the enemy from Russia’s door steps.

  6. Vincy by Ukraine border says:

    SKECKPALMERYAHOOCOM, you should realize that what you see on the news may not be the truth. The first casualty of any war is the truth, and East Ukraine has been at war with West Ukraine for over 8 years. The government of West Ukraine has inflicted attrocities on the East ever since that time. Presently the West seeks Ethnic cleansing but the goal is the GENOCIDE of Russians. If you look closer you will find the evidence. The USA always seeks to find the most ruthless groups possible to nurture an overthrow of any government they cannot manipulate. In this case they have created tens of thousands of Nazis that only recognize certain “superior” blood groups. Blacks are also a major target, along with Russians. You will be shocked to see the current and past history of the GENETIC weapons being produced to kill-off certain ethnic groups.
    As the better- informed world is now discovering that is he facts of Bucca was and is a staged propaganda provocation, where the West Ukranians actually did kill those that assisted the Russians while they were there, you will start to figure out what caused this war, and maybe who wants it to continue for purposes of political gain!!!
    You are a smart person, but…
    Don’t let the big and complicit western Press outlets manipulate you!

  7. Birds of a feather always stick together. Gonsalves and Putin are men of the same cloth, they all are leftist leaders.

    So funny, that Gonsalves has so much say with North American imperialist, but is silent of Russian imperialism. I won’t be surprised, if he, the prime minister has dealings with the Russia.

  8. EVADNE, I want to shake your hands a thousand times and more. It’s frightening to see how the masses go along with the narrative that mainstream media spews out to us. Unfortunately most people are completely oblivious as to the atrocities that the U.S, UK and a list of other nations have committed against countries in the Middle East. Why didn’t we “Stand” for each other when our governments clearly went against our rights and liberties for the last two years and counting?.My only wish is that our eyes will be opened before its toooooo late.

  9. It was not Ukraine that invaded Russia. It is the other way around. So who are you going to believe?

  10. Nathen Green says:

    Kenton I hope you are aware that Russia has a whole department that posts propaganda in the media. Do you check that the commentary is coming from a genuine source and not a Russian propagandist?

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