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Fatal accident
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St. Vincent and the Grenadines recorded a road fatality on Sunday, in Arnos Vale.

Dead is Christopher Roberts, a 44-year-old maintenance man of Great House, Lowmans Leeward.

Police, citing reports, said Esworth Joseph, a 33-year-old landscaper of Choppins was driving motor vehicle P-6822, a silver Toyota Corolla along the Arnos Vale public road from Villa towards the roundabout.

Joseph reportedly struck Christopher Roberts who was allegedly crossing the street from D-Spot Bar towards the Trotmans building.

Roberts received serious injuries about his body and was transported to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital via an ambulance for medical attention.

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He later succumbed to his injuries.

3 replies on “Lowmans man dies after being struck by vehicle”

  1. Susan Franklyn says:

    Vincentians drivers, for most men drove like if there is a fire! This needs to stop and the country need to reinvest in stop lights again. The other islands has them. What happened to St.Vincent?

  2. I recently posted an article on driving habits in SVG and I do make mistakes, but I am never wrong. I noticed while visiting SVG some years ago that school passing guards were only operating on the Windward side and probably in Camden Park.
    Drivers will speed pass the Layou station where there were several accidents and folks lost their lives.
    There should be speed limits in village and town environment. There is no need to increase the speed of vehicles travelling in these areas.
    One other thing I’ve noticed: The head helmet for bike riders (moto or bike riders). I am hearing and seeing daily news about bikers losing their lives.
    No one live wearing a helmet. I believe bikers cannot see clearly with these helmets. I’d like to see the put a plan in place to see if there is a reduction of people being killed if the ban head helmet for a year.
    What data is there to show people wearing helmets are safer that if they didn’t wear one. I ride and I have to look before I cross a path. This take skills that bikers develop over a period of time. One has to be able to glance left and right quickly before taking a turn and with less head gear one can do this more effectively and easily. This is something to consider and try to see the result.

  3. If The other islands has lots of kidnappers we should have them too .??? stop looking at what others have and do what’s right….In this case just drive carefully being very observant of the surroundings..Vincentians even if given a side walk still love walking in the road.

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