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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, forefront, with a bandaged left hand in Venezuela on Monday, April 25, 2022. (Photo: Nicolas Maduro/Twitter)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, forefront, with a bandaged left hand in Venezuela on Monday, April 25, 2022. (Photo: Nicolas Maduro/Twitter)

Prime Minster Ralph Gonsalves says he had a procedure on a finger on his left hand in Venezuela, where he spent four days in hospital last week.

Gonsalves returned to St. Vincent on Tuesday, after 10 days in Caracas, where he went on Easter Sunday after falling ill three days earlier.

The 75-year-old leader told a ceremony at Argyle International Airport that he was in “good heath”.

However, the prime minister did not explain the reason for the bandage on his left hand.

He explained the reason for his bandage on his weekly programme on NBC Radio on Wednesday.

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Gonsalves said that the finger next to his little finger on his left hand had been stiff.

“It’s not arthritis. It is just one ah them things. Many persons would know, young or old could get one ah them things. 

“And there is a simple procedure of sorting it out. So they did it for me.”

He said that he could not get the “expert” while he was in hospital in Venezuela.

The prime minister said the expert was available on Monday and he had the procedure done then.

“I had it done on Monday so she had to bandage it because she said I have to keep on this bandage for at least three days… 

“That’s why on the Tuesday when I came I still had it on and I have it today.”

He said that in moving his hand the bandage has gotten loose and he may have to have it redone.

“But by tomorrow it should be gone. And once you do a simple procedure, naturally, you will get an antibiotic to make sure that you don’t get any infection. But the good thing is that the finger moving good… 

“So it really wasn’t humbugging me in terms of getting any work done or anything or you going to hold something. It’s just that it was irritating so that is basically what that is about.”

7 replies on “‘Expert’ performs procedure on PM Gonsalves’ left hand in Venezuela ”

  1. This is a total opposite story as to what the media reported about the PM .Conditions according to the media report the PM was feeling pain on the right side of his body and now he is saying it’s on his left hand. This country needs the full story because he is the PM and his health should not be private we the people needs to know if he is competent base on his health condition and his age. This time that we are living in call for strong and healthy leaders both in body and mind. We don’t know if what is happening to the PM fiscally can affect him mentally especially given the fact that he is a old man and seems to be obese .So please we the people needs to know the truth about the PM health.

  2. Death forgiveness is good but who really been giving the forgiveness?The first thing about this Death is accountability the public still does not have any clear evidence that this death was properly accounted for but the taxpayers was given this burden with out proper accountability. So it is very good that this historical wrong and burden being removed from taxpayers and l hope that this would not happen again because the opposition will not have no excuse for not knowing. So the question remains should there still be an investigation into that matter still?.

  3. Dr Kingsley Simmons says:

    Sorry, but how does this comment relate to the above article which is about the PM’s bandaged finger?

  4. Typical PM, he went cause he had pain on the right side of his belly and come back with bandage cause of an operation on his left hand. So wha been happen day? was d left han the cause of the pain on d right side of he belly? Or he went to a han expert and not a belly expert or wha?

  5. It seems as the wrong part of your body of your body went stiff, Kramer is getting to you bit by bit , that’s only the beginning

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