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A montage of photos of the deceased posted to Facebook on April 23, 2022, the day of her funeral.
A montage of photos of the deceased posted to Facebook on April 23, 2022, the day of her funeral.
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The Ministry of Health is reviewing the care provided to a 20-year-old woman who died of a ruptured appendix on April 18 after being given painkillers on multiple visits to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

MP for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings, the opposition spokesperson on health matters, raised her case in Parliament on Thursday, one week after the woman, Nolecia Browne, of Chauncey, would have turned 21.

Cummings asked Health Minister Jimmy Prince whether any investigation was being conducted into the circumstances surrounding Browne’s death.

If no investigation was being conducted, he wanted the minister to say when such inquiries would be done and when the nation would be told of the findings.

In his response, Prince expressed “deepest condolences” to Browne’s family on his own behalf and his ministry.

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“Of course any life lost under any circumstance is always a great tragedy for families and loved ones,” the health minister said.

He said he was sure those were also the sentiments of the nation’s health professionals working in health facilities throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Jimmy Prince
Minister of Health, Jimmy Prince speaking in Parliament on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

Prince said said he had been given “all assurance that the matter is being dealt with urgently.

“The proportion of care that was provided to the patient in question at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital is being thoroughly reviewed, and the outcomes of this review will be communicated to the family, if, indeed, additional information beyond that which has already been provided is uncovered.

The results of this investigation, I have been further assured, will be further reviewed by an independent competent medical official. We will release this information to the family consistent — and I repeat this — consistent with patient confidentiality.”

He said his ministry would be “extremely mindful that we do not in any way breach the confidence of this grieving family.

“These are the assurances that have been given and I so pass them on to this honourable house,” the health minister said.

Daniel Cummings
MP for West Kingstown, Daniel Cummings speaking in Parliament on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

‘no ultrasound, …no X-ray, … just more medication’

On April 22, Cummings expressed public concern about the circumstances surrounding Browne’s death, as reported in the media.

“For those around the world who are listening, I am not making up a fictional story. I am reporting that in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in the year of our Lord 2022, a young lady reported to the main hospital in Kingstown complaining about stomach pains and vomiting. She was given what appeared to be painkillers and sent home,” he said but did not identify Browne by name.

He said that the young woman went home, took the medication, got worse and went back to the hospital again and was given more medication and sent home.

“There was no ultrasound, there was no X-ray, there was just more medication,” he said, adding that the woman’s parents took her to a private doctor who ordered that an ultrasound be done.

“Unfortunately, this was on a Saturday and we know St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the weekend, not many facilities are open. But, by Sunday, the young lady turned even more sick and had to be returned to the main hospital, where immediately they had to undergo an operation.

“As it turned out, according to the reports, she died from poisoning due to the rupturing of her appendix and the spreading of the matters that should not be there in different parts of her body, which is not heard of in normal societies today.”

Cummings extended “our sincerest condolences to the family of this young 20-year-old resident of South Leeward”.

14 replies on “Health Ministry reviewing case of woman who died after appendix burst”

  1. Incompetence to the highest degree. The Medical Professionals should have known better. Stomach pains and vomiting are serious. I am surprised she lasted that long. My two sons had similar symptoms and they both had to remove their appendix. So when it happened to my youngest son first, I became aware of it and I knew what to do when my eldest son had similar symptoms. The hospital definitely failed miss Browne. May her soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

  2. Yusiff Banditt says:

    Milton Cato memorial hospital is death house, all they are doing is slaughtering people. No wonder Ralph is hightailing it to overseas when is not feeling well.

  3. The type of symptoms that the girl felt should have indicated a smptom of appendicitis. This is gross negligence at best. I could now understand the reason why the comrade’s slight headache took him overseas for diagonisis. This is indeed a failure in our primary medical institution.

  4. I am a grieving woman, I cried for 365 days in 2021 and my crying continued in 2022 for the lives of my relatives and friends who lost their lives at the MCMH hospital due to neglect and negligence at the hands at the nurses and doctors at this hospital. shame on the Ministry of Health. No justice for our loved ones.

  5. What is wrong with these people. Why is nobody held responsible for yet another death. How many more have to die needlessly.
    I say close it down build a new hospital and employ staff from overseas.
    I spent 6 weeks there and I was absolutely in fear for my life. I was due an operation but they did not have the capacity to perform it according to the hospital.
    Was very happy to have been shipped out to Trinidad instead to a private facility where I was looked after very well.
    I know not everyone can do this unfortunately and I feel for the ones that have no choice but go to this awful place. No compassion, empathy or morals do the staff have.
    The young lady’s family should get a lawyer, for all the good it will do

  6. Disgusting.
    How many more people have to die needlessly.
    Needs to be a proper investigation and people held accountable.

  7. Suzanne Boucher says:

    This is very very sad indeed when a patient goes to the doctor there should be a thorough investigation base on the complaint that was made by the patient…..

    And shall be dealt with in a matter of urgency regardless of what this is high class carelessness any one with sense can pick up on this…..
    These matter should not be taken lightly this is very very serious…..

    I pray just will be granted sooner rather than later no delays y heart goes outthe the entire families of the young lady many thanks…..

  8. These doctors and nurses usually just look at you and diagnose you without any examination. No one takes their time to do there jobs anymore. I went to the doctor a few months ago with a back pain. No extra nor anything was done. Just one painkiller injection witch ease the pain just long enough for me to home. After I get home I couldn’t even get off my bed.

  9. Take warning says:

    U will never get an y answers accountability from what happen, . what bout d baby born outside maternity ward ? did any investigation done? If so, did the finding told to the family?

  10. Duke DeArment says:

    Sad to read all this.The very poor healthcare situation is why I left SVG. I had good businesses and friends but as bad as healthcare really is there, when the PM said he would pressure the population until 90 percent vaccination, I had to go. Now even the CDC and Bill Gates admit Covid is not as serious to most people as they told us. When the TOP PEOPLE in Health and government follow FAKE NEWS AND FAKE SCIENCE, it can become deadly! Even the NDP follow fake science with their masks. Now I live in Belarus where virtually no one wears masks and NO FORCED VACCINATION FOR ANYONE!
    R. Gonsalves is good in many ways but HIS authoritarian decisions based on power and wealth for the government are often very detrimental in other ways that negatively affect the people.

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