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The deceased, Precious Williams.
The deceased, Precious Williams.

The body of the female that was discovered on Thursday in a bag in Richmond Hill has been positively identified by a family member as Precious Ziggy-Ann Zafhti Williams, formerly of Walvaroo, police said on Monday.  

She was 17 years old. 

A post-mortem examination was performed on the body on May 16, 2022. 

The examination revealed that she died as a result of being inflicted with “multiple sharp injuries”.

“The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) thank members of the public for their assistance in identifying the deceased. Moreover, the Police High Command strongly encourages continuous cooperation and partnership between the police and the public on matters of mutual interest – especially, crimes. The High Command believes that whenever the police and public work together, it redounds to benefit of the entire society and makes our communities safer,” Police said. 

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The statement added that the investigation continues. 

12 replies on “Body identified as 17-y-o Sion Hill resident ”

  1. Wow! This is so heartbreaking! Wicked men waxing worse and worse! 2 Timothy 3:13. Wished her parent (s) were more strict in supervising this girl’s life. But I don’t know all the facts! I hope they get her killer soon! I think the police must have her boyfriend as a prime suspect! Also, the police must ask any possible close friend of Precious to come forward whether in person or calling a number to reveal any serious concerns Precious had with her relationships. But the police must promise to and be very serious about keeping any information received as confidential! That is often a concern persons with relevant information have. Deepest condolences to her family, relatives, and friends!

  2. Lennox Lampkin says:

    What a disaster this country has become!! The ludicrous excuses people persistently furnish for these repeated vicious murders makes one wonder if this will ever be addressed!

  3. Lots of unanswered question:
    Was she in school?
    Why was dhe reported as missing by relatived or guardian?
    Was she sexually abused?
    Was she attending church?
    If so why it took so long to identify her?
    Is it reasonable to suspect a close connection?
    These are all relevant questions and point to the killer in the neighbourhood a killer in the neighbour.

  4. My Deepest sympathy for the family and friends of the deceased. Allegedly the royal cops would not have a clue if somebody didn’t spell it out for them. Allegedly when the incompetent dumb and dumber police posse not thieving and selling guns and ammunition they can’t do proper police work. Crime going through the roof.

  5. Rest In Peace young lady. I just hope that the investigators are putting in a good shift finding the suspect in this gruesome incident. This is a public service announcement, fathers please be there for your kids.

  6. How can some one gone missing and it takes so long for some one to raise the ALARM from the family or friends, is this the kind of world we all would like to live in, COME ON WE ALL CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT, regardless of who or what she was she surely did not deserve what happens to her

  7. Rest in peace. Oh my goodness poor girl suffer. I hope the wicked person or person who done this die a tragic death. The evil heart of a wicked evil devil’s are between us good people

  8. Precious I don’t believe u gone asg I think your phone mash up why I ain’t see u posting wen I now find out u dead I cry

  9. The killer is no stranger and must be someone that she trusts. Its a case where her confidence being betrayed.She was not kidnapped for sure that is why she could not scream to attrack the attention of the public. Most likely it happened under the cover of darknees when the devil is let loosed. Her last hours of her life will point to her killers. Her supervision shows very lax upbringing however, that is no justification for her demise.Is it a case of a killer in the neighbourhood?

  10. Ariston collis who said it was a man killed her? Why do you think they should suspect a boyfriend. Neither her friends nor parents nor siblings reported her missing. I find that suspicious. Yes the boyfriend or boyfriends will be a suspect but also the family. The new said she was cut by a sharp object multiple times and her throat was cut. I think more than one person was involved. She is from walvaroo 2 to 3 minutes from where the body was found yet no love one thought it was her. Even after the info was posted only a friend or came forward. Family is the main suspect here

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