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Renovated National Insurance Service (NIS) Golden Years Activity Centre at Black Point. (IOM Photo)

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The International Organization (IOM), with funding from the Government of Japan, has completed rehabilitation works on the National Insurance Service (NIS) Golden Years Activity Centre at Black Point.

Earlier this month, Programme Coordinator of IOM, Jan-Willem Wegdam officially handed over the renovated building to Stewart Haynes, executive director of the NIS, .

“As owner of the Golden Years facilities, we were happy, to partner with IOM and the Government of Japan to rehabilitate these facilities. The gate, complete outside fencing and the electrical system were restored, the whole inside and outside of the building re-painted and most of the kitchen equipment replaced,” Haynes said.

He added that the facility, which is also used as an emergency shelter, is now in a state of readiness in the event of a disaster.

“We can safely and comfortably shelter people whenever there is a need; whether it is from a volcanic eruption, hurricane or other disaster. We are very happy with the state of the centre now and will continue to partner with NEMO to provide this facility as an emergency shelter.”

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The Golden Years Trust operates the multi-purpose centres in Cane Grove and Blackpoint. Following the eruption of La Soufriere volcano in April 2021, IOM, with funding from the People of Japan, supported the trust with the operating costs of the centre in Cane Grove that is still sheltering nine displaced persons for EC$60,000 and the rehabilitation of both centres for a total of EC$180,000.