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It’s been six years since Inether Bailey-Holder got her first glimpse of the man accused of murdering her daughter.

Sharleen Greaves, a 33-year-old real estate agent was found stabbed to death in her office in Arnos Vale on Nov. 13, 2015.

On April 22, 2016, Veron Primus, then 29, of Vermont, appeared in court charged with Greaves’ murder.

Bailey-Holder was either inside or outside the courtroom for every hearing at all stages of Primus’ trial – including for 27 days over the 13-month preliminary inquiry.

And, she was in court on Monday, when a 12-member jury found Primus guilty of murdering her daughter.

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Primus escaped from prison twice in the six years that he spent awaiting his trial.

During that time, he was also indicted in absentia for the murder of a 16-year-old girl in Brooklyn, New York in 2006.

On Monday, Bailey Holder waited inside the courtroom as the jury deliberated for three and a half hours before returning the guilty verdict.

The grieving mother is hoping that Primus is jailed for a long time.

There were some uncomfortable moments for Bailey-Holder during the trial.

Primus was represented by court-appointed lawyer Michael Wyllie.

The crown’s case hinged largely on the evidence of one of Primus’ female relatives, with whom he had a sexual relationship. The witness, who testified remotely and in-camera, said Primus confessed to her that he killed Greaves. 

Aliscia Mayers-Primus, the wife of one of Primus’ cousins and the sister of Greaves’ assistant, testified for the defence.

Karim Nelson, an assistant director of public prosecution, led the prosecution team. The other members were Kaylia Toney and John Ballah.

Wyllie said that that he is taking the matter to the court of appeal…

But Bailey-Holder is happy that it is over … at least for now and asked that Greaves be remembered as the lively person she was. On Sept. 21, Veron Primus might know what price he would pay for Greaves’ murder.

6 replies on “VIDEO: Veron Primus convicted of murder”

  1. Duke DeArment says:

    In my oppinion there seems to be grounds for appeal if it is true that someone that threatened Greaves earlier on that day had blood on his pants. How much blood, where did it come from? That may not have been discussed.
    Primus certainly is a bad egg. A very dangerous man to be in society. Many seem to be frightened of him, which hinders testimony being brought before the court. His relative, of whom he had a relationship with, stating that Primus admitted to the act is, however very compelling!
    Again, great work Kenton!

  2. the penitent says:

    Lawyers supposed to defend their clients, nothing wrong with that but to seek acquittal for an overwhelmingly proven case borders on craziness. So you wan let loose pon society a multiple accused murderer in several jurisdictions and, also want to appeal his conviction? Mr lawyer probably doing that to get more money. Now all this begs the question does he, the lawyer really believe his client is innocent? Well, clearly the judge, the Jury and the family doesn’t believe it. It mus b a hell of a ting wen a person loses their life at the hands of criminals and the lawyers want to help the criminals go free. Lawyers should know when to quit. Have a heart, it’s not your child that was killed.

  3. God is good mom. I can’t wear your shoes, I do hope you find solace and comfort. Blessings to you. Keep holding on.

  4. Take warning says:

    It is written, Thou shall not lie, and no one should lie for someone when they know differently. A lying tongue is second on the hate list, Heaven hates that.

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