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Indonesia donated the buses to the government. (Photo: API/Facebook)
Indonesia donated the buses to the government. (Photo: API/Facebook)
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The two new school buses donated by Indonesia will be used to transport students to and from North Leeward and North Windward, says Minister of Transport, Montgomery Daniel.

The minister said that the government has also identified a need to augment transportation to West St. George Secondary School.

He said that North Windward and North Leeward were the areas identified as most needing additional transportation.

“These, of course, would help to strengthen the request of the families that do have children coming into Kingstown for school in September,” Daniel, who is acting prime minister, said on radio on Wednesday.

“… the transport officer in the Ministry of Transport and Works … has already had requests from as far as Fancy, where there are children coming to Kingstown from Fancy and we are trying to work out as to what we think is most feasible in having children from as far as Fancy coming  on a daily basis into Kingstown from that area,” Daniel said.

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He said that one of the buses is a 30-seater and the other a 22-seater.

“We were trying to have two 30-seaters within the system, but there was a great difficulty of sourcing two buses. We waited for quite some time, until we were able to get one of the 30-seaters. It was easy to get the 22-seaters but the agency seemed to have been having problems worldwide in sourcing the larger buses…” the transport minister said.

“Of course, there is one other area that had been brought to my attention that requires some level of the government assisting with a school bus and that is the area in West St. George. And that area where children go from that Arnos Vale area back up into Marriaqua,” he said.

3 replies on “New school buses to service N. Windward, N. Leeward”

  1. “Sourcing”for school buses or “begging”? So once more we are indebted to our beloved authoritarian donor “friends”; and our ministers of government pout as if THEY have accomplished a miracle in begging and getting transportation for our school children. Obviously, MENDICANCY (Begging) is the policy by which this ULP Government try to meet our needs in SVG? My question is: What have we “given up” in return for these recent gifts? “Nothing for nothing”! Do you think we got those gifts because they ‘love’ us poor Vincentians? They have ‘indigent poor’ in their country too, so don’t be fooled by the trinkets.
    Question more. Demand truthful answers!

  2. What will when these buses have outlived their useful lives we will have a Federal Palm and Maple senario. Will there be any replace plans in place. What is the pay back for those gift. Remember who pays the piper calls thw song.

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