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The scene of the accident in Sandy Bay on Sunday afternoon.
The scene of the accident in Sandy Bay on Sunday afternoon.
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“Several people” are said to have died as a van overturned in Sandy Bay Sunday afternoon, videos obtained by iWitness News and reports from people at the scene suggest. 

Police in Sandy Bay said they have received a report of the accident and have dispatched officers but could not as yet confirm the reports of fatalities.

However, videos obtained by iWitness News show unresponsive persons on the ground at the scene of the accident. 

One resident of the area said that four unresponsive persons were on the scene and they appeared to be dead.

Witnesses also said that people were pinned inside and under the vehicle, H8190, even as others have been taken for medical attention. 

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The occupants of the van, which is said to belong to a South Leeward man, are said to have been on their way to the funeral, in Owia, of murder victim Rohan “Charla” Rawlins.

The 43-year-old man, who is originally from Greiggs, was shot and killed in Lowmans Bay on Aug. 15, becoming the country’s 27th homicide victim this year. 

In January 2015, seven students died when the bus in which they were travelling careened off the road in Rock Gutter, another area in north Windward, and ended up in the sea. 

The terrain and roads in the area are characterised by steep hills and valleys that can prove dangerous to inexperienced drivers or those unfamiliar with the road. 

31 replies on “‘Several people dead’ as van overturns in Sandy Bay”

  1. Traveling by those overcrowed vans in st vincent is a potencial for death, those drivers are driving too fast on those narrow tracks the called roads with music blasting man I almost died in 2019 had to ask the driver to let me off before I reached my destination.

  2. I detect no lies in your comment. 110% accurate. They should set up speed cameras in certain areas and make tire inspection a requirement for license renewals. Those van diver’s tires be as bald as Michael Jordan’s head.

  3. Road size have nothing to do with it, it’s all up to the driver, speed and vehicle condition…. Countries with big highways have alot more road fatalities per year.

  4. Its so sad to hear this news. My condolences to those who lost someone in this incident. On another note, why should persons be paying higher fees for their lives in these vans, who drive so recklessly? These bus drivers need to show more responsibility with persons lives in the vehicle they’re in control of and on the road too.

  5. Sad sad sad. I feel it for those people and their families. These can drivers be spending to much. You got to take your time on roads you doesn’t know to well. Safety at all time. Sad day for SVG.

  6. This is a very sad, sad story my condolences and prayers to the families of those that has died. May God strengthen everyone at this time.

  7. I’m second that. Some drivers are driving to fast and are putting people life in danger. They need to slow down. My condolences to the family of the deceased.

  8. Many many years ago I wrote about same thing and many people, some of my relatives too thought I was a moaner from overseas who doesn’t understand
    And now, it’s even worse with better roads, and I still complain. I too stopped the driver and asked to be let out me and my son.
    On my last visit two years ago and previously, I would only travel in these buses if my sister recommend both bus and driver. To put a brake on this madness, traffic police should be more visible and consistent. Lastly, many of these drivers with no brain should never been licensed and when caught and convicted, lose their licence for a loooong time plus.

  9. I totally agree with most of the comments.Speeding is a very REAL problem, especially on such narrow roads.I wish the police would do something about it. Hefty fines should be levied against drivers who speed. I became very frightened when I saw a passenger van tearing through Barrouallie as kids were let out of school. I wondered, where are the cops? Something needs to be done.
    My deepest sympathy to the families who lost loved ones.

  10. ….and how is the driver? If found at fault will he be prosecuted…of course not. This St Vincent today, almost lawless!

  11. Retest all mini bus drivers, and issue them a special license call a P S V , ( public service vehicle ) license I was 19 years old when I hold that license for London Transport and I never hurt or kill any one, most of the mini bus drivers in svg are treating the public like ANIMALS

  12. Condolences to the families of the decease. If these drivers are experience driver’s they should have learned by now that life is precious. Those innocent people on their way to a funeral, having to lose their lives is tragic. Over cramming and speeding should be enforced as being illegal and the drivers locked up. When i have visited SVG for my holidays, on a few occasions i have had to tell the driver to slow down. The drivers may not value their lives but i certainly value mine and others.

  13. The arrogance of Bus bus drivers and the lackbod enforcemt of trafficc legislation are the princpal reasons for commuter traffic fatality. . On a vacaation as i travelled from kigstown to Dauhine. As i approached Nichols hill above two Roads. A comuter van having 18 passengers in which i was one were beibg driven simultaneously by two individuals. The driver who was stearing and his wife or fiance who sat next to him was changing the gears. I immediately called him out for his wreckless behaviour.

    Another instance on route fro Dauphine to Kingstown the music was deafening to the ear it was so loud that it made thw commute uncomfortable. On arrival in kingstown i complained to the driver Geoeorge who told me not to pay for the ride. Having a free ride was never my intention , i only want to draw his attention to an intollerable episode.

    Another occasion while travelling from Kingstown to Diamond village. I infomed the bus conductor that i am going to Diamond. He said he was not going there but he will leave me at the gap and i could walk the rest of the journey and i agreed.

    After some time i asked him not to forget he said that i am still quite some distance away. Suddenly i wad still on the bus and i wasnow in Georgetown. He admitten that he forgot to leave me by the agreed stop. On his way back he let me off as agreed and had no change and he decided that i got a long ride and charged me twice for the journey.

    How disengenerous was that decision, i never asked to be a tourist. As a matter of fact he should not capitalize on his own error. I did not make any argument . its already fifteen years have passed and still haunted by the above experiences.

  14. Please fix the roads and give drivers some form of compensation.
    This will prevent overcrowded buses .
    Why the government can’t take over transportation ?
    All other countries do.

  15. Where are the laws and where is the enforcement of the laws that protect the public from these van operators who put money ahead of human lives. There is no public transit system for people to have an option to putting their lives at risk when they need to get somewhere and have no car of their own.

  16. Condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones in this tragedy. May the souls of the deceased R.I. P. May the families find comfort and peace in this their time of sorrow and loss.

  17. Grenville Williams says:

    My condolences and prayers to the families and friends of those who lost their lives. May the souls of the deceased Rest In Peace and may the Almighty grant peace and comfort to the families and friends in their time of loss and sorrow.

  18. Firstly my condolences to all the families. I holidayed on this island this year and stepped into a minivan twice in my five week vacation. They drive way to fast, over crowd the vans, and music way to loud. This was unfortunately an accident waiting to happen. The police need to step up and have some or more control over these situations. But like they turn a blind eye. Due to such carelessness lives have been lost. Very sad situation

  19. My condolences to the families of the deceased. St.Vincent need strict laws and rules for the bus drivers… all the speeding, drinking while driving, and loud music have to stop.

  20. The people who in charge of road safety are partially to blame. As usual most things in SVG is joke. Education revolution my dick. Van drivers mostly not qualified.

  21. The Goverment and the police department need put together well trained offers to look into the way the van drivers, taxies and the general public operate their vehicles. We have a relatively small population that will adhere to changes, if asked.

  22. Concern citizen says:

    The government should implement a three-strike rule which adds up to what ever road infraction those reckless drivers cause and ban them for life

  23. I was in SVG for a month this year and it sicken me to see that the tragedy from the rock cutter incident seems like it was forgotten, it don’t seem like no one learn a thing from it, these van drivers are reckless with the lives of others, they have no respect for the lives of the passengers and get upset if you say anything to them about the loud music or the speeding, I hate to say this but I know this kind of thing will happen again those kids died in vain because no one learn a thing from it, there are some drives who do respect the roads and the lives of others but the majority of young men does not its a cat and mouse game for a majority of them, my condolences to the families who has lost a love one is the horrible incident. Until these owners and drivers are sued for the damage the cause and are made to pay good nothing will change.

  24. A very sad period for St. Vincent and the Grenadines once again. I wish to express my Sincere Condolences to the bereaved families, friends and the respective communities where these persons resides.

    While acknowledging this sad and tragic loss, I must say the Police Force needs a proper decentralization and community engagement strategy to help alleviate this ailing problem of dangerous and reckless driving. Most key policing functions in SVG has been largely centered around Kingstown. With the increase in Serious Crimes and the continued trend in dangerous driving you would expect the Police to have establish Road Traffic Enforcement Units, Forensic Support units, Criminal Investigations Units and Rapid Response presence in the outskirts of SVG.

    Further, the unavailability of vehicles to patrol and respond to reports is a major impediment to Policing in SVG. After 26 years of leaving the Police Force some police stations still do not have a proper fleet of vehicles to proper police the country yet every year the Government pass a billion dollar budget. It appears the citizen in SVG have absolutely no say in how their tax dollars are spent and what should be made a priority.

    The top priority for any Government must always be Security, Education, Health Care and Housing not some million dollar port. The time is now for young educated Vincentians to organize themselves into new political parties that truly represents the Islands demographic to truly advance our country. The status quo must change to prevent tragedy like these.

  25. No offense to you all comments…but don’t think he be driverin reckless goin down a like
    Vehicles across svg do come with some brakes failures so situation is perfect
    Rock gutter 2015 was the driver driving to reckless come on ppl think before talk

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