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Brown sugar

Soft brown dark sugar and unrefined sugar cane in bowls

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The Agricultural Input Warehouse Ltd. has announced that it is off-loading brown sugar, which would be available for sale by Tuesday. 

The prices for 25kgs (55lbs) of brown sugar are as follows:

–AIW wholesale price — $94.75 per sack

Consumer retail price

Area 1 (Kingstown to Campden Park; Kingstown to Arnos Vale) — $2.05 per lb.

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Area 2 (Beyond Campden Park to Keartons; Villa/Calliaqua to Langley Park) — $2.10 per lb.

Area 3 (Beyond Keartons to Richmond; Orange Hill to Fancy) — $2.15 per lb.

Area 4 (Grenadines) — $2.20 per lb.

All prices are VAT inclusive.

2 replies on “Brown sugar to be available by Tuesday – AIW”

  1. What? Another f-ing joke! It’s time we get rid of these quacks who pretending to be government. After the vat on salt now sugar prices increases the further you go from the capital. Like the local der führer losing his mind?

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