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Rianka Chance

Rianka Chance. (File photo)

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By Rianka RP Chance 

“Independence is a milestone on our march to prosperity” – Vibrating Scakes

On the 27th day of October, our nation celebrates its 43rd anniversary of Independence. While it is quite evident that tremendous growth has taken place over the years, what stands out most today is the resilience of our people. The 2022 theme, “Our resilience, Our fortitude, Our people”, rightfully brings this to the fore. We survived a dengue outbreak, the COVID-19 pandemic and just when we thought things were getting under control, there was a major volcanic eruption. 

These major disruptions created many challenges especially within the education sector. For the first time in the history of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, students at all levels had to adjust to virtual learning as the new norm.

Notwithstanding the present challenges, this 32 island archipelago, is home to the Caribbean’s warmest people, attractive beaches, breathtaking views, the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Western Hemisphere, and much more. To the many leaders of our nation (past and present), we say thank you for your vision and your continued support. It is because of your contributions we may have a brighter tomorrow.

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Commonly known as the Gem of the Antilles and the Land of the Blessed – Hairouna, we Vincentians can always proudly call SVG our home. A hearty congratulations to the government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on this tremendous milestone.


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