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LOV Donation

From left: Form teacher Ms Williams, members of the LOV Community Organization — Omar Samuel, Valcina King-Gregg; students of the Canouan Secondary School, LOV member, Lavern King; school principal, Terry Ollivierre.

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The Canouan LOV Community Organization has made a donation to the Canouan Secondary School to cover the cost of students’ Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) mathematics and English fees.

2023 is the first year that students of the Canouan Secondary School will sit the CSEC examinations as a cohort.

The school was opened in 2019 with one form and this year’s examination is historic on a number of levels.

It is the first time that students from Canouan do not need to travel to St. Vincent to acquire their secondary examination.

Further, it is the first time a cohort of students that took classes on Canouan are sitting the CSEC examinations.

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The donation of EC$1,100 was presented to the principal, Terry Ollivierre.

Speaking about the donation, Lavern King said that it was extremely difficult in the past for Canouan residents to acquire a secondary education because their parents not only had to find the means to send them to school but also to ensure their accommodation and meals while in St. Vincent.

She said that many students dropped out of school because they were treated terribly in private accommodation.

She also noted that now the secondary school is on Canouan she saw it as “giving forward” to ensure that residents take full advantage of the opportunity, hence the effort by the group to assist.

The Canouan LOV Community Organization raised the funds through donations (including a contribution from Beefy Entertainment) and also through fundraising activities on the island. Valcina King-Gregg, a spokesperson for the group, said the group was considering mentorship and homework assistance going forward but they will need the help of residents and the business community on the island.