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An open letter to the Prime Minister:

Dr. The Honorable Ralph E. Gonsalves

Prime Minister

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Dear Sir,

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It is after much discussion with my executive, numerous correspondence to your office, and countless attempts in my capacity as President of the SVGBF to obtain an audience and your support that I pen this correspondence via this medium.

The sport of basketball in SVG boasts a very rich history and a very promising future. Apart from boasting of having the most recognised athletes on the international front for SVG, Basketball has built up a repertoire of players who have attained sporting and academic scholarships internationally. Unlike any other sport in SVG we can boast of future hall-of-famer, Adonal Foyle and hall-of-famers Sophia Young-Matthews and Sancho Lyttle.

The harsh reality, however, that faces this once most popular and household sport rest with a lack of resources to promote the level of development and heights of accomplishment that can be attained. Our sport is languishing, honourable sir. We’re afraid that should the government fail to intervene by providing us with the much needed resources, this mammoth sport, with it’s grand opportunities for our nation’s youth and our nation as a whole would die a very untimely and unremarkable death.

We’re, therefore, making a public appeal to you Sir and your cabinet to invest the necessary resources that will:

– Aid us to complete the work on refurbishing and renovating our New Montrose facility;

– Assisting with the funding of technical and administrative training for our coaches, referees, table officials and executive committee members, and;

– Provide financial assistance towards defraying the costs associated with the operational expenses of our facility and programs in the interim as we work towards become self sufficient.

Basketball in SVG would only attain the lofty heights that it is capable of achieving with the Government’s input. We have a plan but, the plan can only be enacted upon the availability of the much needed resources. Unlike most of the other sporting disciplines, we do not receive financial assistance or contributions towards development activities from our parent body. Hence, our request is feverishly urgent and requests your immediate attention.

We thank you and your cabinet for your support in the past. We anticipate your favourable, actionable response to our request.


Rohan E. Providence


St. Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation

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