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Prime Minister Ralph in a Jan. 12, 2023 photo.
Prime Minister Ralph in a Jan. 12, 2023 photo.
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is encouraging Vincentian youth to embrace traditional values, including learning a skill, and abandon fast living.

“I also want to say to people, especially to young people, but everybody, this thing about fast food, fast cash and I ain’t making any reference to any institution — fast life, fast everything, you end up in a lot of problems,” he said on NBC Radio on Wednesday. 

The old-fashioned virtues are still very much present and what are those virtues? They never get older. Get a skill, be educated, be disciplined. Look for honest work. Make sure that you get a fair remuneration for your work and for employers to have that uppermost in their mind,” the prime minister said.

The prime minister said people have to be disciplined and creative in their work.

“We have to develop our abilities. Fast cash, greedy money ending you up many times in jail or in the cemetery before your time is ready. These are eternal verities and I’m talking to young people,” Gonsalves said.

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He urged the youth to think about what the world would be like in 2050.

“This is not an old man talking to you,” the 76-year-old leader said.

“This is an ancient warrior talking to you but with a young mind who seeing forward. And that’s what the ancient warriors do: grounded and see forward; see what is happening around the corner.

“Please, listen to me. I am pleading. We have a lot of magnificent young people. But we have a small, tiny minority, wants fast cash, fast living, fast everything, put more store on greed and ill-discipline rather than discipline,” the prime minister said.

“If you have a gun in your hand, you feel you have … more power than anybody else. You’re making a mistake. And I want to tell anybody, night could run as long as it wants but daylight’s coming.”

He was speaking three days after the country recorded its sixth homicide for the year, including two people killed by police officers in the line of duty.

On Sunday, Daniel Isaacs, 43, of New Montrose was shot and killed in Sion Hill.

5 replies on “PM urges SVG’s youth to abandon fast life, embrace traditional values”

  1. Prime Minister, brotherly love, mercy and truth which are also traditional values, are grounded in godly values. How hypocritical to be telling youth about embracing traditional vauvalues when you took away the jobs of hundreds of innocent Vincentian workers because they exercised their right to choice by not taking a killer vaccine. Right the wrong immediately, stop trying to thwart justice and reinstate those workers. God will deal with you beyond what you can imagine if you don’t.

  2. Can the average citizen support themself on the old fashioned virtues? Provide well paying employment and they won’t have to go play bad boy.

  3. Mr pm traditional valus was in the 70s an 80s where there no really believe ppl in svg are foolish? Ur traditional are old time for new ones on the gound…you did ur part as pm

  4. Did Ralph mentioned the word DISCIPLINE several times? Is he now becoming aware of the problem when teachers and parents can’t discipline these children?
    Too late Ralph, you are responsible for the crimes these children get involved in these days. The world has the same problem and you, like most world leaders hire more police men to take care of the problem. Guess what! They kill many of these youths who are not afraid of anybody.
    The police have guns and everybody are getting their own because many people are afraid of being ambushed and killed. The stats of murder in SVG bears me out.
    Ralph also mentioned education, but right now the schools are in very poor state. You can’t have you cake and eat it to! You have done enough damage to SVG and should remove yourself and don’t try to pass it to Camillo because “it would be the same old same”.

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