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The deceased, Ottley Hall resident, Keron Hadaway in a May 2016 iWitness News photo.
The deceased, Ottley Hall resident, Keron Hadaway in a May 2016 iWitness News photo.
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An Ottley Hall man has become the 8th person to be killed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year.

Keron Hadaway died after being shot by unknown assailants in Ottley Hall around 7:45 p.m. tonight (Tuesday) — eight days before his 30th birthday.

Residents of the West Kingstown community reported hearing a hail of gunfire and initial reports are that other people have been taken to hospital with suspected gunshot injuries.

Hadaway was killed six years after he was charged with possession of 69 rounds of .22 ammunition, seven rounds of .40 ammunition and 14 rounds of 5.56 ammunition — the type of ammunition used in M16 rifles — without a licence issued under the Firearms Act.

The death comes three days after Altavea Billingy, a 28-year-old caretaker, of Chester Cottage, died after being stabbed in the abdomen in Kingstown.

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Earlier today, Eldon Charles, a 35-year-old tradesman, of Cedars, appeared before the Serious Offences Court, charged with murder in connection with Billingy’s death.  He was remanded in custody pending the outcome of a preliminary inquiry.

Two of the homicides this year have resulted from police officers shooting people in the line of duty.

SVG recorded a record 42 homicides in 2022.

3 replies on “Ottley Hall man becomes SVG’s 8th homicide victim this year”

  1. Zedan alexander says:

    What is the purpose of all these unnecessary deaths .. it’s like some one ore something need the blood of people to fulfill some satanic ritual in st. Vincent. May god have mercy upon our soul.

  2. You could explain to me the relevance of citing his charges in light of his death? Because he die by gun right! Yall dont know time and place at allllllllll!

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