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The Stubbs Police Youth Club launched its Male-to-Male Mentorship Programme on Saturday at the Stubbs Gospel Hall Church, under the theme “A Part to Play Realising My Potential”.

Fourteen secondary school boys from forms 1 to 5 were attached to 11 mentors for a one year, with quarterly evaluation sessions. 

The ceremony heard remarks from Parliamentary Representative, Frederick Stephenson, Superintendent of Police and Divisional Commander for the South Eastern District, Trevor Bailey, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Junior Simmons, and Gwenneth Anthony, youth officer.

Coordinator of the Stubbs Police Youth Club, Corporal Boyea gave an overview of the programme, saying that the idea of the mentorship is the brainchild of coordinator Yoland London.

The idea of the programme came about because the Stubbs Police Youth Club has 54 members, with more than half of them being boys.

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A high number of them are from single-parent households, headed by their mothers.

“As coordinators, we believe that it is important for our boys as well to be empowered, encouraged and supported by tapping into the knowledge and experience of those with more experience than themselves to help guide them to build their confidence, identify and achieve their goals and ultimately become model citizens through mentoring,” the club said in a press release.

The overall objective of the programme is to increase positive behaviours and reduce risk among boys in the community and, by extension, the country and Improve confidence and self-worth in order to help them make healthy choices and reach their full potential.

The keynote speaker was Stanley Browne, general manager of Sagicor, who urged the mentees to ” become the best you can be”, adding, “If you can dream it, you can live it, set goals and do not limit yourself, talent alone is not enough, be prepared to work hard.”

The activity was sponsored by OSV, Waldron Refrigeration and Air Condition and Ever ready Funeral Home.

“The Stubbs Police Youth Club is grateful for the assistance from these three entities and thank them for honouring their corporate social responsibility by partnering with us to enrich the lives of our nation’s most valuable resources,” the club said.

One reply on “Stubbs Police Youth Club launches mentorship programme”

  1. Jeanie Ollivierre says:

    Finally a Government agency recognises the critical importance of mentorship in people’ lives, moreso, Youths. It has ALWAYS been a pre-requisite for Youths participating in the Marion House 33 years Youth Assistance Programme. Congrats to the Police Youth Club Programme initiator.

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