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Donald De Riggs in a 2022 photo.
Donald De Riggs in a 2022 photo.
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By Donald De Riggs

A call is being made to have the majority of local lawyers visit our ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist to see if their vocal cords have been impaired and affected as a result of injury by the “vaccine”, or if their vision is blurred to the extent that they cannot see the blatant violation of our sacred Constitution, as well as not hearing the cries of “injustice” from the poor. Almost two weeks have elapsed since the historic judgment in favour of all who were wrongfully dismissed and not a word for or against from the Bar ASSociation!

What we have facing us is a moot (having little or no practical relevance) appeal and a mute (voiceless) response from the persons who have the knowledge to interpret and enforce the rules/laws of the land. Only two lawyers have made public statements (that I am aware of) including Kay Bacchus-Baptiste and Godwin Friday, while Jomo Thomas, in his weekly column, has individually nailed the government for their insensitivity against their own kin.

Before proceeding further, I want to put this question to the government, if any Vincentian is directly injured and killed by the experimental vaccine, what legal recourse is available for the victims from this government? NOTHING! Why then pass a law to force persons to be part of a global experiment. It shows that this government is incapable of protecting its people by the foolish decisions made, recent history having proven that.

The feeble argument that if another pandemic occurs, what would we have learned from the current one. The answer is simple for those of us who are following the science. This pandemic was designed to:

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1. Make trillions of dollars which has already been made by big pharma; and, 

2. To kill and maim millions more than the six million who have already died as a direct result of the “vaccine”. So, the lesson we have learned is that right thinking Vincentians are not going to be caught again in that web of deceit that has forced HONEST and DEDICATED nurses, teachers, police, other civil servants and private sector workers to lose their jobs for failure to comply with an ultra vires (invalid) Public Health Act.

I must thank Kay Bacchus-Baptiste for showing the public that this government is in contempt for failure to comply with the ruling made by the esteemed judge, who in all fairness and using local laws to guide that judgment made it abundantly clear that this administration erred in all respects in crafting the wicked and anti-social Public Health Act.  Contempt of court is a serious issue!  Let us learn from Jacob Zuma former president of Azania (South Africa) who was charged for being in contempt of court.

All Vincentians, must put an end to this “legal madness” and infringement of our human and constitutional rights. I have likened the Public Health Act (PHA) to the Apartheid law in South Africa which had to be repealed forever! Yes, like the apartheid law, the PHA divided this country, destroyed livelihoods, forced some Vincentians to vaccinated against their will just to keep their families alive, caused those who didn’t comply to lose their homes and vehicles due to non-payment of loans and the list goes on. 

A family friend, who, just to keep a job at a medical institution here took the jab, developed venal thrombosis within days of being “vaccinated” and spent over a week in intensive care, having to fork out over $400 just for one medication to clear up the clot, with not a cent from the government to assist, because the government pharmacy did not have that medication. Is this the government Vincentians really voted into office?

The statement by Ralf that those who were vaccinated are “heroes” is a barefaced lie, because the MAJORITY of persons who got the jab were forced to do so or lose their jobs. They still got sick and even died from the vaccine, and passed it on to others, so how can you classify them as “heroes”, when they were/are used as guinea pigs. Where is the moral mouth of society, the CHURCH? Hypocrites! 

This is the time for all Vincentians to PROTEST government’s decision to appeal the High Court judgment. The ipposition in Parliament, which currently commands the POPULAR VOTE, needs to rally ALL its human resources, from Fancy to Union Island, Chateaubelair to Kingstown, Yambou, Owia and Union Vale, Bequia, along with the support of the Teachers’ Union, PSU and police union to demonstrate to this government that we are NOT sticking nonsense any longer. Vincentians WAKE UP, before you wake up with shackles on your hands, feet, mouth and minds!

I close with the timeless and undisputable lyrics from Jimmy Cliff:  “YOU CAN’T BE WRONG, AND YET RIGHT!”  and which must be the FEATURED song for all future protests. Let us UNITE to get rid of this INJUSTICE! That is the ONLY way out of this mess.

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