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Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, seen here in a 2020 file photo.
Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, seen here in a 2020 file photo.
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Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne has commented on the recent spate of motor vehicle accidents in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, saying, “Too many are driving with Nintendo-like experience.”

She made the comment at the Serious Offences Court on March 20 when Lyndon Prince, a farmer of Greiggs pleaded guilty to charges that on March 10, at Lowmans Hill, he drove motor vehicle R4773 without being the holder of a driver’s license and without there being in force a policy of insurance in respect of third party risk in respect of the user of the said vehicle.

A team of police officers headed by Corporal 260 Bushay of the Questelles Police Station caught Prince driving the vehicle while they were out on traffic duty.

Browne asked Prince why didn’t he have a license and he responded, “I was to check on police for one.”

Browne said, “They know about police and checking on one, and don’t go through the process.”

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She asked the defendant if he knew he could be jailed for the offence.

Browne told Prince his “saving grace” is that he pleaded guilty.

She said too many people are driving, apparently with Nintendo experience.

“Persons believe if they can drive there, they can replicate it on the road,” the magistrate said, referring to the video game.

“That’s why they come in here,” Browne said, referring to the courtroom.

Prince was fined EC$600 and EC$900, respectively for each offence, to be paid forthwith or serve nine weeks in prison.

He was also disqualified from driving for 12 months.

After hearing from Prince again later during the sitting, the court allowed him to pay EC$600 forthwith and the balance by March 31.

One reply on “Too many drivers with apparent Nintendo experience — magistrate ”

  1. There are too many of these drivers in svg, any one caught doing this must stop and think, the problem and grief it will cost to other abiding citizens, The roads are DANGEROUS enough we do not want any more HAZARDS on them, anyone found doing this punishment must be harsh, to send a message to the others, the RENTAL COMPANY must be prosecuted as well and pay a BIG FINE

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