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A protester holds a placard in Kingstown on Monday, March 20, 2023.
A protester holds a placard in Kingstown on Monday, March 20, 2023.
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By Small Axe

I must say thanks to Oswald Robinson for providing me with a copy of the entire judgment handed down in favour of the “heroic” Vincentians who refused to be jabbed or lose their job. It was a learning experience for me reading that judgment, as I am only a retired teacher. That 95-page judgment gives a comprehensive and detailed analysis of arguments for and against those persons who were unlawfully dismissed by this government.

From that judgment I learned the words “impugned”, “ultra vires”, “resiled”, “averred”, all of them in the past tense except the invalid, “ultra vires” Public Health law, which MUST be repealed.  A solid judgment indeed!  I guess that is what prompted another writer to pen, “SVG’s legal fraternity mute, deaf, blind?”. You see legal language is replete (full) with Latin terms and English words that are not used in everyday conversation. That is why it is so important for our “legal luminaries” like the departed “PR” to explain what some of these terms are and in this particular case the 95-page judgment loaded with legal terms.

From that judgment, I realised why it had to be rejected “lock, stock and barrel”, because the defence was poor, frivolous (lacking any seriousness) and a waste of taxpayers’ money for a defence counsel, who among other things argued whether the word “minister” should be singular or plural.  Imagine Vincentians’ tax money paying a man who arguing over an “s” — a distraction from the main issue where honest and intelligent persons’ rights were constitutionally violated by forcing them to be jabbed with an experimental treatment, or lose their livelihoods, with nurses, police, teachers, customs officers, civil servants and private sector workers being victims. This government should be ashamed to file an appeal!!!  *That is what is referred to as “forensic pimping”. 

So where do we go from here?  Has the High Court judgment been honoured? Has a formal appeal been lodged? Is the government in contempt of court for not enforcing the judgment? Are Vincentians going to allow the government to get away with this injustice. If Ralph was in opposition, do you think the incumbent could have gotten away with a similar situation? No way! So, what is good for the goose, must also be good for the gander.

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Where is the parliamentary opposition in the whole matter? One would have thought that when the teachers, police and public service unions staged their demonstration two weeks ago, that to prove that they command the popular vote, we would have seen a sea of support for dismissed workers.  Or is it that brain fog from the vaccine that some of them took is impairing their ability to strategise and organise. Once again, we have a situation where “de tail waggin de dog” which is “contra naturam” (against nature).

It would appear that only divine intervention will bring a solution, for vain is the help of man! But in the meantime, Vincentians WAKE UP and take your stand against state violence! WAKE UP and smell the coffee, or you might wake up to the smell of a word starting with “s”.

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