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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves participating in round table discussion on violent crime in the region in Trinidad on Monday, April 17, 2023.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves participating in round table discussion on violent crime in the region in Trinidad on Monday, April 17, 2023.
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Some men have chosen a life of crime because they have to mind pretty, high-maintenance women, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has told a regional symposium on crime.

Gonsalves, who is minister of national security in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Monday told the two-day regional symposium on “Violence as a Public Health Issue — The Crime Challenge” that most serious crimes are committed by young males who choose a life of crime.

The symposium, in Port of Spain, is hosted by Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Keith Rowley and attended by CARICOM heads of government.

Gonsalves said that most serious crimes are committed by young males and most young males who commit homicides come from broken or dysfunctional homes.

He said most of these young males who commit crimes drop out from school or fail to take advantage of opportunities available to them.

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“Most of these persons, these young males who commit violent crimes, find themselves in a culture of crime in particular communities and form associational criminal groups or gangs,” he told the symposium. 

“That these young males, overwhelmingly, who go to commit serious crimes, violent crimes, it is nobody’s responsibility, primarily other than their own.”

Gonsalves, a lawyer, said that he has never heard anyone offer in court as a defence for murder that they were frustrated or come from a poor home.

“You are responsible. And we tend nowadays when somebody kills another one, ‘is the society’, ‘is the community they come from’,” Gonsalves said.

“The fact of the matter is that they are a small minority from the disadvantaged communities from which they come. Most of them, overwhelmingly, have chosen the life of crime. Let us not get away from that,” Gonsalves said.

“They have chosen to be murderers. They have chosen to kill and they do so by and large, because they want to make some easy money, they are in drugs, running crime. Some of them, in order for them to maintain ranks in the community, they get a fascination with guns, they associate with young woman, some cases beautiful young women who are high-maintenance and they have to rob and steal and kill and deal with drugs in order to maintain them,” Gonsalves said.

“Everybody here knows what I’m talking about here is the absolute truth. Everybody knows it and we have to speak these things very honestly and straightforwardly.

“These young males who commit these violent crimes, they’re cowards, they’re greedy and they have an insatiable — they are in a condition, permanent condition of dissatisfaction, which is insatiable.”

He said he was not saying that these young males cannot be corrected.

“But they are absorbed with me, me, me. It’s an individualism which has grown in our society as a whole and the material base for it is dog-eat-dog capitalism,” Gonsalves told regional leaders.

“They see lots of people get away with all sorts of things and they decide that they’re going to try and get away with it, too,” he said.

He told the symposium that the overwhelming majority of young males are taking advantage of the opportunities available.

“They’re going to school, people learning a trade, they’re getting a profession. You look at the courts, those who are in the Boy Scouts, the cadet Corps, the steel band, play football, play cricket, get involved in community activities, go to church, all of these various things, you hardly see any of them in front of the magistrate or the judge. These are the facts which are before us,” Gonsalves said.

The Vincentian leader also urged CARICOM countries to use the death penalty as a deterrent to murders, saying they should not be afraid of the European Union withholding financial assistance to the region as a result.

Gonsalves, however, did not address the issue of the homicide closure rate, in light of the fact that before the death penalty could be carried out someone actually has to be convicted of murder.

For instance, of the record 42 homicides committed in SVG last year, the police have made arrests in just “10 or 12” of them, according to Commissioner of Police, Colin John.

Most of the homicides committed in SVG since Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party came to office in March 2001 have gone unsolved.

13 replies on “Some men kill to mind pretty, high-maintenance women, PM Gonsalves says”

  1. The Republicans in the US blame mental health for all the gun crimes being committed these days. Ironically, they are right because most of them have a mental problem. Ralph is hinting that’s what’s happening in SVG, but he has done nothing to help people with mental problem. I am sure if CARICOM countries start addressing the issue, then it can reduce the crime in most CARICOM countries.
    Then Ralph addressed the issue of judges being too lenient with criminals and go easy on some criminals based on the lawyer who represents them. He is right, but ULP folks who abuse others also get the same treatment. The case of the man who was beaten and shot in his yard by some ULP supporters proves his point.
    The US congress have to revisit the First and Second Amendments.
    If folks are allowed to make false statements or accuse people of things that are not true, then the culprits should face a Judge. The lies that Trump keeps spouting have encouraged many people to commit crimes. Then there is FOX that also helps to fan the same flames all for the sake of keeping their followers.
    There is no need for the Second Amendment. It was introduced right after the war when the various states stated getting together to form the United States. There is no need for it presently. Guns don’t have to be banned, except those that can take out 20 to 40 persons in minutes. Those are for the battle field and should only be available for the military.

  2. This is an excuse for not being able to handle the situation.
    The government have taken a “Roach and Paddy” method to solve crime.
    What is the ” Roach and Paddy ” method? Roach and Paddy had two dogs and they would brag about whose dog is “badder” so they put them in a pen to fight, when they came back they found two tails.
    The government thinks that these criminals will kill out each other. That’s their method to fighting crime.

  3. nancysauldemers says:

    Oh, please, yes, let’s blame it on pretty high maintenance women! As if the rape culture wasn’t strong enough and needed to be bolstered by a citing another type of male behaviour for which women should be assigned responsibility or blame. SMH

  4. Concern Citizen says:

    These remarks are nothing but absolute disgrace and embarrassment on an entire country and to those who vote this Government into office. Is not this the Minister of National Security? Is this the best explanation he can give, thinking that they are laughing with him when they are actually laughing at him and the country he manage. Come see a man who speaks against the Church that is praying for him and against the diabolical principalities that are pulling the strings behind him and the Government. I hope the newspaper Police write a truthful synopsis about this one.

  5. Peola Barbour says:

    The Goverment of Svg you fully well under stand what going on lisening to your speech so do something to help the situation please

  6. This sounds like two men at the rumshop discussing the cause of crime without being informed. This does not sounds like the PM used an evidence – based approach to the issue.

    I thought PM said all the killing was related to drugs

  7. This statement about males who commit violent crimes came from a dysfunctional home. What kind of home did the highly educational male came from when they abused and harasse women and they get away with it because of their social status ?

  8. If the majority of the crimes are unsolved how can any sensible person draw a conclusion without the supporting data?

  9. skeckpalmeryahoocom do you know what you are really saying? You are blaming first and second amendment for the ongoing challenges in the USA. Are you serious? The morale decay in children, young people and adults I guess is not the cause of anything. Its the laws on the book is the problem or a political party or a person. No Sin will always be the problem. People need to look at themselves and their family and make sure they raise their children with God directed values. Otherwise if you think a law will fix it just come and say it – I want communism. Stop blaming trump, fox news, etc – have not seen what is said on the opposite channels? Your views are limited and way off. SIN is the problems. Lack of morals is the problem in all parts of society from government to people. Do not worry the NWO is coming where all will be ruled under an iron fisk with no rights. I think you will be happy then.

  10. Take warning says:

    Yes so they don’t see the two ghosts physically assault Mr CJ in his own place and get away with it to? role model is the greatest teacher, isn’t it? Why did you fail to mention these two ghosts? It’s only time,, time alone will tell.

  11. Take warning says:

    Dem women who associate themselves around aryo , in my opinion me think dem do feel ashamed. Aryo nar feel shame? If not, all aryo ha guts like bolie.

  12. AW, have you been following the chaos in the US. The excuses used are based on the FIRST and SECOND AMENDMENTS. People believe they can lie and use the First amendment as an excuse, they use guns to kill others and claim they have a right to own and carry guns based on the Second amendment. So where did I go wrong? A review of both amendments can and will surely reduce the daily crimes and murders in the US.
    Many murders are based on religious beliefs. That’s why Religion is the root of all evil. Show me where I am wrong with facts.
    Did you noticed the amount FOX paid for spreading lies? Incidentally, that’s not the end of their payout. There is another bill for $2.7B. Are you travelling on some other planet?

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