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National titles were awarded in Vita Malt Junior National Squash Championships at at the National Squash Centre, ending last Saturday.

Sixty-one matches were played across eight categories: boys under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19, and girls under 13, 15 and 19.

Each category competed in round robin format and each participant had the choice of competing in a maximum of two age categories that they qualify for.

The national champions are Savante Padmore, Caeli George, Ciara George, Jayden George, Nadira Morgan, Jaydon Williams.

Devere James won the sportsmanship award and Naira-Sky John was awarded the most-improved player.

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Boys Under-11

First place: Savante Padmore

Second place: Zavin Garrick

Third place: Za’Mar Welcome

Fourth place: Ethan Webster

Girls Under-13

1st place Caeli George

2nd place Amiyah Bascombe

Boys Under-13

First place: Savante Padmore

Second place: Raejon Dover

Third place: Aiden Defreitas

Fourth place: DeQuan Garrick

Girls Under 15

First place: Ciara George

Second place: Caeli George

Third place: Naira-Sky John

Fourth place: Zoe Martin

Fifth place: Natalia Olton

Boys Under 15

First place: Jayden George

Second place: Deron Lewis

Third place: Raejon Dover

Fourth place: Aiden Defreitas

Fifth place: Chayim Charles

Boys Under 17

First place: Jaydon Williams

Second place: Jayden George

Third place: Malachi McMaster

Fourth place: Kyle James

Girls Under 19

First place: Nadira Morgan

Second place: Ciara George