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St. Vincent and the Grenadines Sailing Association, in conjunction with World Sailing’s Steering the Course initiative, has trained eight new sailing instructors/coaches.

Sailors from St. Vincent, Canouan and Mayreau, as well as Trinidad, attended the six-day, all-female course run by Coach Hannah Stodel, at Blue Lagoon Hotel and Marina, St. Vincent. Stodel is a four-time world champion and three-times Paralympian and covered the skills of instructor, race coach and regatta management both in the classroom and on the water.

“I’m really proud of them all, the wonderful team environment they created and I look forward to following their sailing journeys as individuals and as an awesome team,” Stodel said. 

Mia Bailey from St Vincent teaching with Lorna Bacchas from Canouan looking on
Mia Bailey from St. Vincent teaching with Lorna Bacchas from Canouan looking on.

Jenny Trumble, president of the Sailing Association said:

“This continues the SVGSA commitment to grow sailing for fun, competition and for vocation. It’s hoped that these new coaches can pass on their new found knowledge back at their clubs and maybe open up employment opportunities for them in the resort and yacht charter sectors.”

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The new Level 2 coaches are Tegan Deane, Mia Bailey and Scarlett Hadley.

The new Level 1 Instructors are Aliyah Forde, Lorna Bacchas, Vanessa Hadley, Jennifer Deane and Lisa Gaymes.

2 replies on “SVG Sailing Association trains next generation of coaches”

  1. I like this approach, but it can be take further to accommodate all Vincentians – not just the kids. There is very little recreation facilities or events in SVG. There is the opportunity to build boats that use the sail as well as the engine to create a Yacht or Boat Club. This can open up business and work for carpenters to get involve as well as mechanics to service the engines. I’d love to rent a boat when I visit SVG.
    By the way some boats are powered by batteries. This is fantastic because the solar panel will work well in SVG to recharge these batteries.
    A Yacht or Boat Club is a great idea. Folks can register to become members, so they can use the facilities regularly or on weekend. This is an opportunity for business in SVG to pool the funds to create the Yacht or Boat Club.
    By the way boys should also be involved, not just girls

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