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Statement by the State Duma 3

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On the Genocide of the Peoples of the Soviet Union by Germany and its Accomplices during their Extermination War of 1941-1945

Statement by the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation


The decisions adopted in recent years by Russian regional courts unequivocally qualify the criminal acts of the Nazis and their accomplices as genocide of national, ethnic and racial groups that represented the population of the USSR — the peoples of the Soviet Union.

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These court decisions are a logical continuation of the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal and the decisions of subsequent trials of Nazi criminals and their accomplices, during which, in particular, persons who were guilty of supplying Hitler’s troops with deadly weapons were convicted.

Western politicians prefer not to remember that the civilian population of the USSR, according to the plans of Hitler’s colonisation and Germanization of the “eastern space”, was subject to an all-out annihilation (Entlözung). The barbaric extermination of civilians in accordance with Generalplan Ost was carried out in all the republics of the USSR that were invaded by the Nazi German invaders.

It is the inhumane acts of these barbaric plunderers that resulted in the total number of victims among the civilian population of the USSR during the occupation reaching 13,684,692 people. These were people who were deliberately exterminated, who died in forced labour in Germany, and those who died from the deliberately cruel conditions of the occupying regime.

The State Duma <…> hereby recognizes the criminal acts of the Nazi German fascist invaders and their accomplices against the peace-loving population of the USSR as genocide of the peoples of the Soviet Union.

Moscow, March 22, 2023     

3 replies on “Statement by the State Duma, Russian Federation”

  1. Mike Projectie says:

    I agree that these were abhorrant acts. It kind of reminds me of what is happening to the Ukrainian people at the hads of the Russians

  2. Let’s be honest here. The behavior in Ukraine has more similarities to the military actions of NATO in Serbia on behalf of the breakaway Kosovo province led by Bill Clinton. It is more similar to the attack on Iraq by the “coalition of the willing” lead by W Bush and Tony Blair. Remember them???
    Interestingly, it was the Russians who defeated Adolf Hitler and the Nazis of Germany. Not the countries of Western Europe and the USA. Never mind what Hollywood portray. 2 million Russians lost their lives fighting the Nazis in comparison to the 50 something Americans who died fighting Nazi Germany.
    It’s amazing that the US government, who for over 100 years, insist that the Monroe doctrine forbids any other power from being present in the Americas cannot understand the Russians concerns and protection of their immediate borders.
    Anyway, the Russians are going to have ALL their policy objectives met within weeks by the Fall of this year.
    Remember what happened in the Georgian state???
    History provides context to all today’s challenges.

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