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Building on Sand 2

A debate has erupted in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where the government is allowing the dredging of 1.2 million cubic metres of sand from the seabed off the southeast coast for the construction of port in the city.

An environmentalist, political activists, the journalist who broke the story as well as the civil engineer who is second in command of the project share their positions.
Kenton Chance reports…

5 replies on “VIDEO: Building on Sand”

  1. Marlon Mills says:

    Correction: removing the sand affects the force of the waves. There will be stronger wave action.

  2. Marlon Mills says:

    This young man should listen to himself. He should be ashamed of some of the things he has said in this interview.

  3. This is why, the people must show this man who is the boss, I have never heard of a company that the workers run the company as the boss, this is what I called is back to front, remember what the boss said, I OWN EVERY SQUARE INCH OF SVG, AND YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE, BUT YOU HAVE TO COME BACK TO PAPA, SO PEOPLE ELECTION COMING UP SOON SO SHOW THE MAN WHO IS THE BOSS, IF YOU ALL DON’T GOD HELP US ALL, AS THEY SAID CROPPO SMOKE YOU PIPI

  4. Take warning says:

    Jim, I believe that something is seriously wrong with some people , they already saying six in a row but coming and begging or sayin lending. God forgive me, I rather put it in the garbage and won’t lend them a penny. They so stupid, dotish

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