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Ralph Gonsalves
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By Patrick Ferrari

This is not intended to be political or informative. It is just that I am unable to let it go.

A few days ago, I butt up on a clip with the Comrade addressing a crowd at a place I am not sure where — not that it matters. For the last many years, some say too many, we have been doomed by — or if you prefer “consigned to” — Comrade’s superabundant charisma. The man is a geyser of charisma, and it makes me glad that I am not Godwin Friday.

To play semantics with “doomed by” and “consigned to” in the context of Comrade’s charisma, then, it is that we are consigned to his charisma, and the NDP is doomed by it.

Watching the clip, as I listened to “inside ah Owia,” and “ah hea dey say dey nah ah leve dere,” and — it was inspiring to see him at it — I was amused not so much by the dialectal melody, though it was, but was more fascinated by the dichotomy between the two Ralphs: While listening to the one with “inside ah” and “hea”, and “foday mornin”, I was thinking at the same time (the modern cliché for that is “in real time” but it is not for me) the speech chameleon, the other Ralph, could easily leave “dere”, go straight to the UN and address world leaders speaking in a far different tongue. And if I have to add, without pause.

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Man, if there were more like Comrade in his party who could talk like that (the clip talks to be sure), even just a little, they wouldn’t be needing to dish out galvanise and lumber and cement every five years. It would be a done deal without that stuff, which is a bribe. Really. Ay, but they’ve done good so far with it. So, why buck the system? You see, it is easier to spend arwe money than it is to emulate the boss. And which one of them can get that do? None, especially the offspring. And that is giving Comrade pause.

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