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By Concerned Citizen 

After years of neglect, the JF Mitchell Airport in Paget Farm, Bequia was in a state of almost disrepair.

Thankfully, after years of complaints by the island’s hoteliers about the condition of the airport, especially the terminal building, their cries were finally heard and in March 2021 the government began rehabilitation work on the terminal building, which involved a new roof, ceilings, etc.

It has been two years and although the new roof is completed — albeit with a few leaks here and there — we are thankful.

However, there is still some finishing work that needs to be done, and promptly.

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For example, the departure section is still closed because of incomplete plumbing.

Bequia Airport
The apron of the Bequia airport.

The control tower is in a mess and has become a home for birds and is a safety hazard for the employees.

Additionally, the apron, after years of no maintenance, is looking similar to the Rabacca Dry River with all the loose sand and pebbles which also pose a danger for the aircraft engines.

Not even the entrance doors to the check-in area are working.

For a country and more so the island of Bequia that depends on tourism, this little airport plays an  integral part in the island’s tourism.

I believe that the government can do better than this for the people and island as a whole. How much more must we take? 

I am pleading, once again, with the government and relevant authorities to please give the airport some attention and to complete the works.

It is way overdue. 

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