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An Owia man who pleaded guilty to stealing a tin of corned beef was bonded, fined and ordered to pay compensation.

James Harry appeared before Magistrate Bertie Pompey at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court charged that on May 9, at Owia, he stole one tin of corned beef, valued at EC$10, the property of Ariel Henry, of Owia.

Prosecutor, Corporal Delando Charles told the court that Henry is the owner of a liquor and provision shop which is equipped with security cameras.

On the said date, Henry bought six boxes of corned beef from a sales truck and left them on a table outside the shop.  

About 2:58 p.m., she went to the road and brought other items from another sales truck.

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When she returned to her shop about 15 minutes later, she discovered that a tin of corned beef was missing from one of the boxes.

Henry reviewed the footage and saw the defendant removing the corned beef.

In mitigation, Harry told the court: “Me went by the shop to buy something to eat and me nah notice the camera been day on. And when me swing back from the shop, me notice the box dey and the camera see me.

Harry told the court that he is very sorry for stealing the item.

He asked the magistrate to impose a fine, adding that he was working at the fisheries complex in Owia.

The magistrate told the defendant that he could go to prison on the charge.

However, Pompey bonded Harry for eight months in the sum of EC$500. If he breaches the bond, he must pay the sum forthwith or spend two months in prison.

Harry was also ordered to pay compensation of EC$10 forthwith or spend one month in prison.

4 replies on “Owia man bonded, fined for stealing $10 corned beef”

  1. I would not take him to court, the man was hungry, I would speak to him and let him work it off on a little job, instead of wasting the courts time

  2. If he couldn’t afford a $10 tin of cornedbeef what makes them think he can pay $500?? This is honestly just sad should’ve just spoken to him about it this never should’ve ended up in court there are so many bigger issues that should be in court 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Take warning says:

    Who bin wolk in C John yard and alledgedly injured him wid ah weapon , and he stool on himself, dem nar walk about freely? Was dem ever arrested? Was dem ever put on bond? ar yo hypocrites ah yo dying days go tell on ar yo,

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