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Canada has announced visa-free travel to “known travellers” from 13 more countries, including Vincentian passport holders. 

The announcement by Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Sean Fraser moments ago means that these “known travellers” can enter Canada after obtaining an electronic travel authorisation.

A known traveller is someone who currently holds a Canadian visa, obtained one over the last 10 years or holds a valid United States visa. 

The electronic travel authorisation will be valid for five years, or until the holder’s passport expires, whichever comes first.

The visa-free travel has been extended to Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Kitts and Nevis, Panama, Argentina, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Morocco, Seychelles,Thailand and the Philippines.

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It comes 11 years after Canada imposed visa requirements for Vincentian passport holders, expressing concerns about the integrity of the  issuing procedures in Kingstown.

Canada had claimed that some Vincentian passport holders who had been deported from the North American country had returned on passports in different names.

The Ralph Gonsalves government rejected the concerns saying that the Vincentian passport is issued only after a rigorous process of document authentication.

Fraser described Tuesday’s announcement as “very good news” that will facilitate more people visiting Canada.

He pointed out that Canada is “a nation of newcomers”, noting that with the exception of the indigenous population, every chapter of the nation’s history is written by immigrants, adding that his own family arrived in Canada 250 years ago.

He spoke of the economic contribution of immigrants to Canada as well as the connection between diaspora communities in Canada and people in their home countries.

The minister said that the expanded programme will facilitate opportunities for people to be able to visit their relatives in Canada, saying that Canada is a draw to people around the world, and his country wants to make it easier for people to visit.

He said that visitors to Canada contribute to the local and national economy and enrich the social fabric.

Fraser said the digital document will allow holders to transit through or visit Canada for up to six months and will allow Canada officials to conduct “very light touch” screening, adding that the authorisation is “almost automatic”.

The cost of application is CAD$7 (EC$14) and will apply only to people who arrive by air.

15 replies on “Visa-free travel to Canada  for ‘known travellers’ from SVG, 12 other nations”

  1. Still tryin to understand if this make any sense to ppl fo st is this visa free Mr immigration all need to stop thinking Caribbean ppl are stupid …note this you will need a visa to go Canada..

  2. The statement is highly misleading, its really not open season for travelling . If one were to read the fine prints, it its only for people having a visa or was issued a visa in the last ten years or having a USA Visa. There is nothing to celebrate an is akin holding a piece of meat and tease the dogs. Currently we have one of the highest murder rate in the world. What politicians should be doing is to create jobs and lessen the incentive to immigrate to
    to other countries. Citizens should do their part in creating a safe environment to to live and educating their children to be law abiding citizens , rather than encouraging them or to facilitate.

  3. Damesa butler says:

    I really love to come to Canada because since I was a little boy my auntie was up there and I already dream of coming to Canada thanks u

  4. Damesa butler says:

    Canada is a place that i really love to be because all my friends them who are there always tell me about Canada they always want me to visit so this is my opportunity I really love to be there

  5. Barbados and The Bahamas were excluded, because they never needed a visa to enter Canada – and still don’t.

  6. Just remember it’s under your regime vincentians had to get visa in order to travel to Canada so u better fix that so we can start traveling to canada again without visa like it was under d pass regime.
    And hey with d increase of violent crime in svg and what seems to b no solution in sight we can’t get back to those good old days like how it was under d pass regime. Wondering if this should b a good reason to file for refugee status?…..running from violent crime, which seems to b outrunning d authorities.

  7. Ghana national with a us visa must apply for a ETA.. so is all other national with us visa..
    Please note jamaican national wasn’t on the list for many immigration reasons…also for nationals who have a OECS passport exclude Barbados you can’t just pick up an go to canada…must have a valid us Visa or can be expired Canadian visa

  8. Hope the PM will go to Canada and negotiate to get the visa restriction on Vincy completely lifted. You on the right track Mr PM. Vincentians are depending on you to meet with the relevant people in Canada to get this done .We know you can do it Sir. Go to Canada and get it done for the sake of the many young Vincentians you love so dearly.

  9. Hahaha you think the pm ah idiot. You well know Ah trap a wait for him up there Mr don’t study them they really think say your head gone Because of all the nonsense you are doing down here lol

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