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Maxwell "Tajoe" Francis is the reigning monarch.
Maxwell “Tajoe” Francis is the reigning monarch.
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The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) has announced the semi-finalists in the National Calypso Monarch competition. They are as follows:

Graduates Calypso Tent

  1. Kingsley “Hero” Roberts 
  2. Cleo “Cleopatra” Hendrickson
  3. Glenroy “Sulle Caesar
  4. Denise ‘Lady D’ Stephens
  5. Phylicia “Nubian Empress” Alexander

On Tour Calypso Tent

  1. Elvis “Abijah” Abby
  2. Marvo Morgan
  3. Robert “Patches” King
  4. Derrick “Man Sick” Alexander
  5. Grantley “Ipa” Constance
  6. Bernard “Reality” White
  7. Kirk ‘Ninjah’ Knights


  1. Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd
  2. Gosnel “GC” Cupid
  3. Shaunelle Mc Kenzie
  4. Omani Cupid
  5. Shena Collis
  6. Cecile “Lil Bit” King


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  1. Carlos “Rejector” Providence
  2. Delahanty Isles
  3. Dennis Bowman
  4. Jose Juan


  1. Ronald “Ron B” Browne
  2. Errol “D Man Age” Rose 

These calypsonians are invited to meet with representatives of the CDC and other officials on Monday at 10 a.m. in Victoria Park. 

Representatives from the bands Nex Level and The Festival Band are also asked to be in attendance.

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    ar yo done know de positions, so way all dis about ? so many hypocrites around these last days.

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