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Zandrine Butler and laywer Ronald Marks June 192023 leaves GMC copy

Zandrine Butler, right, and her laywer, Ronald Marks, leaves Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Monday, June 19, 2023.

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Social media personality Zandrine Butler no longer has to worry about the issuing threats charge that was hanging over her head since January.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey dismissed the charge on Monday, after upholding a no case submission by Butler’s lawyer, Ronald “Ronnie” Marks.

The 38-year-old South Rivers businesswoman was charged that on Jan. 5, at South Rivers, in circumstances likely to cause a breach of the peace, she made use of threatening language to Nelcia Horne, to wit, “If me nah f***ing kill yo, me dead.” 

However, Marks was able to convince the court, on Monday, that a threatening language charge was not made out against his client.

In his submission, the lawyer argued that the prosecution had failed to address the issue of the circumstances that they claimed were likely to cause a breach of the peace, adding that as a result, the charge must be dropped.

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The lawyer said the charge was one against a public order and not against a person and that there was no circumstance likely to cause a breach of the peace.

Marks also argued that the alleged threatening words mentioned on the charge sheet were different from the words Horne quoted in her evidence. He put it to the witness that she was lying.

In her evidence, Horne, 60,  told the court that on Jan. 5, she was walking to meet someone when she passed Butler walking her (Butler’s) dog, “Pinky”.

She said Butler spoke to the dog saying, “Pinky, I want pickney and grand pickney.”

Horne told the court that Butler always mocks her because she (Horne) does not have any children.

She said that on her way back from meeting the person, she met the defendant again and the Butler said, “Pam, if me nah kill yo mother ***t, me dead!”

Horne said her cousin, Everette, and one Glenda Williams were also there. 

She testified that her phone was recording and she took that recording to the Colonarie Police Station.

Meanwhile, the lawyer asked the investigating officer, PC 1115 Ryan what were the words used that amounted to making use of threatening language. 

“If me nah f***ing kill yo, me dead,” the officer responded. 

After listening to the witnesses, Marks said that the prosecution has failed to say how the peace was breached, as alleged. 

He said there was therefore no case made out against his client.

”The matter against you is dismissed,” the magistrate told Butler.

After the magistrate’s finding, the prosecutor, Corporal Delando Charles conceded that the prosecution had failed to make out a case against Butler.

“The deficiency is where the name  is not in the charge itself,” the prosecutor told the court.

Butler came to national attention last year for her entertaining Facebook live videos and social media posts. 

This article was updated to reflect more accurately when the prosecutor conceded that the Crown has failed to make out a case against Butler.

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