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The teen who beat his principal last year and stepfather in March, resulting in criminal convictions, has driven himself inside a prison cell after he was unable to come up with EC$10,500 last week.

The 17-year-old Marriaqua resident could also say goodbye to his dreams of joining the British Army anytime soon, in light of the number of convictions to his name.

Last week, the teen appeared before the Serious Offences Court and pleaded guilty to a charge that on May 31, at Richmond Hill, he used motor vehicle RS174 without the consent of the owner or any other lawful authority.

The teen caused EC$8,000 in damage to the vehicle.

The teen, a labourer, told the court that he wants to join the British Army.

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“No way the army will ever take you,” Browne told the teen. “You have to be crazy. Your record is terrible!” she said.

The magistrate reminded the youth of the crimes he has committed including, “getting in altercation with the principal“.

In January, he was also charged for taking conveyance without consent, and was ordered to perform community service.

The magistrate said that while the defendant was busy with his community service as ordered by the court, he was also busy beating a big man with a steel pipe.

She was referring to the incident in March when the teen attacked his stepfather and beat him with a piece of metal pipe.

“And you want to come here and play saint?” Browne said.

As regards the charge disposed of last week, the court heard that the virtual complainant, Keith Allen, of Arnos Vale, is the owner of motor vehicle RS174, a white Suzuki Sx4 car, which he rented to Ianthea Leigertwood on April 20.

On May 31, at about 10 a.m., Leigertwood parked the said vehicle in the parking lot of the Marion House and left the keys inside so that the owner could access it.

At noon, Allen went to retrieve the vehicle but discovered it was missing.

After consultation with Leigertwood, Allen received information that the defendant, who attends classes at Marion House, was seen driving the vehicle in the direction of Sion Hill.

Allen then contacted the police.

On June 14, PC556 Nimblet, the investigating officer, took the defendant into custody.

After being cautioned, the defendant replied, “Jeanie gave me the vehicle and a jersey”.

The defendant also gave a written statement.

Later that day, the defendant was arrested and charged.

The magistrate ordered compensation of EC$8,000 forthwith to Allen, representing the value of the damage to the vehicle or 11 months in prison.

He was also bonded for one year in the sum of EC$3,000.

The sentences are concurrent.

Additionally, Browne activated a March 2 bond which the defendant breached. He was ordered to pay EC$2,500 forthwith or serve nine months imprisonment.