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Floyd Mitchell

Alex Mitchell

64-66 Treacy Avenue

Newark, NJ  07108-1513

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June 25, 2023

Kay Bacchus-Baptiste Chambers

P.O. Box 1281 White Chapel, Kingstown, St. Vincent

Telephone: (784) 528-8903/ 457-1828

RE: Objection to the grant of Probate filed by PHILLIP ANDREW MITCHELL

Case Number: SVGHPB2023/0092

Dear Ms. Bacchus-Baptiste,

This letter serves as a formal objection to the above-referenced case filed by your client, Phillip Andrew Mitchell. The reason for the objection is that Phillip Andrew Mitchell has erroneously submitted the application for Grant of Probate of our late grandfather, Cyril McSmith Mitchell. 

The specific issues at hand are that (1) Cyril McSmith Mitchell’s final will and testament was made on the 7th of May, 1993. The appointed executor was James Fitz-Allan Mitchell (deceased). In addition, the final will and testament did “revoke all former Testamentary documents and dispositions…” which contradicts the application’s claim of a will bearing the date of 27th of July 1992…”(2) Moreover, your client has failed to communicate with the remaining heirs on this matter. 

As heirs to the estate, we have legal interest to oppose your client’s application based on the information stated in the objection. As such, we request that no grant be sealed in the Estate of Cyril McSmith Mitchell, late of Port Elizabeth, Bequia, deceased who died on the 26th day of  June 1995 without notice to Floyd Mitchell and Alex Mitchell. 


Floyd Mitchell 6/25/2023 Alex Mitchell      06/25/2023

CC: Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

       In the High Court of Justice, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Objection Grant of Probate Mitchell 1
Objection Grant of Probate Mitchell 2

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