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A scene from Blondie Bird & Friends' presentation "Birds Of A Feather".
A scene from Blondie Bird & Friends’ presentation “Birds Of A Feather”.
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Blondie Bird & Friends’ presentation “Birds Of A Feather” scored 327 points to secure a three-point win over “Papillon” by Nelson Bloc in the Band of the Year competition.

Third was SVG Players International with their presentation “Players Love”, which generated 310 points.

Q04 SVG Players
Queen of the Bands: “Love is” masqueraded by Jennilee Glasgow

Meanwhile, SVG Players International  won the Queen of the Bands competition with Jenilee Glasgow’s portrayal of “Love Is”.

Second place went to Verlene Ralph & the Professionals’ “St. Vincent, I Thank You”, portrayed by Atika Lockhart.

Q02 Verlene Ralph
Verlene Ralph and the Professionals’ “St. Vincent I thank you” masqueraded by Atika Lockhart

Third place was Alvern ‘Ali’ Cadougan’s display of “Metamorphosis” by Nelson Bloc.

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Q03 Nelson Bloc
Nelson Bloc’s “Metamorphosis – Making of a Jewelled Butterfly” masqueraded by Alver Ali Cadougan

Two other mas bands — Beautex International Mas and Melbourne Artisans — participated in the competition. 

Q05 Melbourne Artisans
Name of Mas Band: Melbourne Artisans Presentation: “Climate Change – The Vision” Portrayal: “Tsunami Threat” Name of Masquerader: Cleopatra Weekes
Q01 Beautex International Mas
Name of Mas Band: Beautex International Mas Presentation: “Natural Remedies” Portrayal: “Wild Flower and Green Vine” Name of Masquerader: Pearl Williams

And, in the King of the Bands competition, Verlene Ralph & the Professionals reigned with “We Salute You”, portrayed by Ativan Lockhart.

K03 Verlene Ralph
Queen of the Bands Verlene Ralph and the Professionals’ “We Salute You”, masqueraded by Ativan Lockhart

Second place went to Melbourne Artisans, with “Monsterocity”, which was portrayed by Gordon “Tarya” Boucher.

k04 Melbourne Artisans
Melbourne Artisans’ “Monsterocity”, masqueraded by Gordon “Tarya” Boucher

Chewalee Johnson’s portrayal of Nelson Bloc’s “SteamPunk Butterfly” placed third.

K01 Nelson Bloc
Nelson Bloc’s “SteamPunk Butterfly” masqueraded by Chewalee Johnson

Beautex International also competed. 

K02 Beautex International
Beautex International’s “Bush Doctor” masqueraded by Tony Williams

SVG Players International also produced a costume during the competition at Victoria Park Sunday night, but it was not judged. 

K05 SVG Players International
SVG Players International’s “Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean”, masqueraded by Kelvin Billingshurst, was not judged.

Kelvin Billingshurst had taken took too long to come on stage after being called to display his costume, “Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean”.