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Osordo Bennett at his arraignment in July 2017.(iWN photo)
Osordo Bennett at his arraignment in July 2017.(iWN photo)
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A man who contested the November 2020 general elections as an independent candidate who is being tried for possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition has asked the court for an adjournment, saying a lady he impregnated “dey to drop”.

“I got a lady pregnant and she dey to drop so I would like some time to assist her,” Asordo Bennett, of Rillan Hill, told the Mesopotamia Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey who was presiding told Bennett that only animals “drop” and that the term should not be used when referring to people giving birth.

Bennett told the magistrate that he would need an adjournment of about two weeks.

The court granted the adjournment to July 26.

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Bennett is being tried on charges that on Feb. 24, 2022 at Pembroke, he had in his possession one TP9 SA 9mm pistol, serial number T6472-16AP18943, without a license issued under the Firearms Act and that he also had in his possession three rounds of 9mm ammunition, without a license issued under the Firearms Act

At the hearing on Friday, Bennett represented himself and called two witnesses, Zeon Ballantyne, his cousin, and Marley Young.

Ballantyne told the court that on the date in question, he and Young were in the vehicle, which was driven by Bennett.

He said about five police officers stopped the vehicle near Greaves Marketplace in Pembroke and conducted a search of it and its occupants.

Ballantyne testified that he was sitting in the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

He said the officers conducted searches of her persons and a “thorough” search of the vehicle which lasted about 30 minutes.

Ballantyne said that “Officer Williams” requested a second search of the vehicle at the Layou Police Station and they were each transported in different vehicles, with Bennett riding as a passenger in his vehicle.

He said that at the Layou station, police searched him again and then he was led outside to a parked, “open vehicle”.

“And to my surprise an object resembling a firearm was now all of a sudden found in the vehicle,” Ballantyne said.

“During an electronic interview, I maintained my innocence and denied acknowledgement of having any knowledge of seeing a firearm.”

Prosecutor Corporal 817 Stapleton put it to the witness that the gun was found at Pembroke

“No,” Ballantyne responded, adding that he was there for the entire search.

Bennett then re-examined the witness by having a conversation with him. However, Pompey advised him again that he should put questions to the witness. 

Bennett told the court he had no further questions for the witness.  

He, however, told the court that the prosecution had no evidence and he was seeking a “no case” submission.

However, the magistrate advised Bennett that it was too late for that.

Young, the second defence witness, testified that he had gotten a ride in Bennett’s vehicle to get to his.

He said he was sitting in the back seat and as they got to Greaves Marketplace, at Pembroke, police officers told him to get out of the vehicle and to go on the other side of the road.

He said it appeared that the officers were conducting a search, which lasted about 30 minutes.

Young told the court that he was taken in a separate vehicle to Layou Police Station.

He said that after they were taken to Layou Police Station, a search was conducted and, “I am not sure what happened next.”

During cross examination, Young said he could not remember if any firearm and ammunition were found in the vehicle when it was searched.

Bennett, re-examining the witness, asked if any gun or ammunition were found when the search was conducted at Pembroke

Young said, “No.”

The defendant then asked for an adjournment.

Bennet was initially being tried before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne at the Serious Offences Court.

However, in March 2022, Browne recused herself from the trial after Benntt made certain allegations against her on Facebook.

Browne said Bennett’s “manifestly untrue” statements on Facebook made it impossible for her to continue to hear the matter.

Bennett’s lawyer, Grant Connell, also dropped Bennett as a client.

In November 2020, Bennett contested the general elections as an independent candidate in a three-way race in South Leeward.

Nigel Stephenson of the main opposition New Democratic Party retained the seat for a third consecutive five-year term, foiling the bid by Bennet and the ruling Unity Labour Party’s Minerva Glasgow.