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Snady Bay house fire
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A fire in Sandy Bay on Tuesday night destroyed a house that reportedly had been in a family for a century. 

A man who was said to be the main occupant of the house, declined to give iWitness News his name, stating that he does not like his information being in the public domain.

However, iWitness Name was able to verify that his name is Elson Child aka “Wolf”, aged 46.

“That house is over 100 years old,” Child told iWitness News of his house, where he lived alone.

He was also unwilling to give detailed information about the house, its contents and the fire.

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It appears that Child was not at home when the fire broke out at the wooden structure.

A fire tender responded to the fire but was unable to save the house or its contents.

Child said he suspected arson as the house did not have an electricity connection. 

“Me no trouble nobody, me and nobody nuh dey inna  nutten,” he said in the Vincentian vernacular. 

Police have launched an investigation into the blaze.

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  1. Publishing the man’s name when he explicitly did not want it done and he has not been accused of a crime has to go against some journalistic standard.

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