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Dericia Parsons leaves the Colonarie Magistrates Court on July 6, 2023 having been convicted of three offences.
Dericia Parsons leaves the Colonarie Magistrates Court on July 6, 2023 having been convicted of three offences.
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A scuffle with a police officer and a fight with her step-son’s mother has resulted in an unemployed woman having to pay EC$1,100 in fines if she is to avoid jail time.

The offences were committed near Triple R Square in Georgetown and left the woman, Dericia Parsons, 18, of Richland Park, with three convictions

When she appeared before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, Parsons pleaded guilty to charges that on July 5, at Georgetown, she resisted the arrest of PC 1014 Samuel, a police officer acting in the due execution of his duties; assaulted Samuel, a police officer acting in the due execution of his duties; and, had in her possession in a public place, an offensive weapon, to wit, a pair of scissors.

The court heard that on July 5, about 1:30 p.m., Corporal 412 Noel was on duty at the Georgetown Police Station and received information about a fight at Triple R Square.

Noel dispatched Samuel and two other officers to the scene.

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The officers returned to the station with two females: the defendant and Tricia Findlay.

Samuel told him something and he entertained a report.

Noel said the defendant admitted to the offences during an interview, leading to the two charges involving the officer.

Parsons told the court that on the date in question, she and her boyfriend, Shawayne “Blackie” Smith, 35, a farmer of Spring Village, Georgetown were on their way to Kingstown.

However, her boyfriend got off the vehicle to buy something at Triple R supermarket.

She said her step-son’s mother, Trisha Findlay aka Black Girl, “came by the car, searching up the car, asking for Blackie and I ain’t answer her”.

Parsons said Findlay was drinking a beer and threw the drink on her.

She said she came out from the vehicle and dared Findlay to “throw it on me again”, which Findlay did.

She told the court that before officers arrived on the scene, Findlay had a black handle knife and a “choppy” (cutlass) waving at her.

The defendant said officers arrived and she went willingly with them.

However, she said she saw Findlay on the other side of the road and “I went in my bag and pulled out my black handle scissors”.

Parsons said she was running towards Findlay but the officer “scuffle me up and I scuffle him back”.

Samuel arrested and charged Parsons for possession of an offensive weapon.

In his evidence, Smith told the court that when he stopped at the supermarket, Findlay approached him and told him to buy something for their child, which he did.

He said Findlay had a knife and “open up the car”. Smith said he told Findlay several times to move from his car but she and Parsons began cursing.

He said Findlay “sprinkle some beer on his girlfriend, then they start to wrestle up and fight”.

Smith said he went to “take away my girl” but Findlay hit him with a bottle in his head.

After hearing the parties, Magistrate Bertie Pompey ordered the defendant to pay EC$500 in two months for the assault offense or spend three months in prison.

For resisting arrest, the defendant was ordered to pay EC$300 in two months or spend six weeks in prison.

And for possession of an offensive weapon, Pompey ordered Parsons to pay EC$400 in two months or spend two months in prison.

Findlay was also charged that she unlawfully and maliciously wounded Smith, to wit by striking him in his head with an empty Hairoun bottle.

Heard in that matter was adjourned to a later date.

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