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The accused, Dale Medica.
The accused, Dale Medica.
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A 49-year-old Owia man has been charged with threatening Deputy Prime Minister and area representative for North Windward, Montgomery Daniel.

Dale Medica aka Toad, a mechanic and electrician, appeared before Magistrate Bertie Pompey at the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court, sitting at Georgetown, on Thursday and pleaded not guilty.

He is accused that on July 18, at Owia, in circumstances likely to cause a breach of the peace, he made use of threatening language to Montgomery Daniel, of Sandy Bay, to wit, “Anywhere I meet you from today I will mash you up.”

The prosecutor, Corporal Delando Charles did not object to bail, but said, “This particular prosecutor takes threats very seriously.”

He asked for an increase in the EC$500 station bail that medica had been granted and asked the court to order that Medica have no contact with Daniel.

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Magistrate Bertie Pompey increased the bail amount to EC$1,200 and ordered no contact with the virtual complainant.

The matter was adjourned to Aug. 3.

6 replies on “Owia man charged with threatening Deputy PM”

  1. Black Kings says:

    My friend in the stubbs area have been making police report about their neighbor who been threatening them for years and the police at stubbs police stubbs police station never arrested the guy. It seems like you got to be working for the government high up for the police to arrest someone who threatened people about shooting and who they will kill them.My friends there are in fear for their lives but nothing never been done to stop the harassment. Stubbs police station, the police is a joke.They keep talking to the people who be making threats but never made an arrest.These threats and harassment been going on for years even recently and nothing never been done to stop it. Stubbs police station is a big joke.

  2. Take warning says:

    Wen Mr Samuel was beaten on his property ar yo stood there , say nothing do nothing, wa goes around comes around, that’s the way of life.

  3. If one has to make threats to the Deputy Leader of a country by Law he has to be punished whether it’s ULP or NDP you just do not do that ,so why do we have folks acting like it’s murder to charge the defendant?
    No wonder why so many senseless crimes are on the rise there in Svg y’all too lawless and makes everything a political issue ,wrong is wrong call a spade a darm spade

  4. Percy Palmer says:

    Bertie Pompey you are not a judge but a joker. Take the case of Mr. Samuel as outlined in a previous article. Nothing was done to the 2 ULP criminal who abused and shot the man in his own yard. Where were you Mr. Pompey? The words “mash you up” could be interpreted as “tell you as it is”..

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