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Rock fall in Layou
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A rockfall in the Central Leeward town of Layou has left residents unsettled and complaining about the response of disaster managers.

One reply on “VIDEO: Rockfall unsettles Layou residents”

  1. Donald De Riggs says:

    If a vibrant local government structure was in place, issues like these, though in some cases unavoidable, could have been dealt with some measure of dispatch.

    Yes, NEMO is the official coordinating disaster management office, but it is specialized groups/agencies that have to be mobilized to help ease the burden on those affected.

    If each community has its own disaster management group, including volunteers who can operate chainsaws, bobcats, truck drivers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters etc ,then matters like this could be dealt with speedily.

    Since the threat of more boulders falling is imminent, then all efforts should be made to stabilize the area around those threats to avoid it happening again.

    Measures must also be put in place to assist those who lost livelihoods. One lady said she lost a rabbit. Here is where the 1% that was added to VAT some years ago for disaster restoration MUST be used to help those affected, not only in Layou, but those affected recently with the passage of tropical storm Bret.

    But stabilizing the other boulders to avoid future accidents should be the number one priority along with repairs on damaged property. The lady’s bedroom was damaged, depriving her of privacy and rest.

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