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Yatch sails away
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A yacht sailed away after damaging four moored boats in Barrouallie around 3 a.m. today, Thursday, 27 July 2023.

Now, fishers and boat owners are trying to save their expensive outboard engines and wondering who is going to help with the cost of repairs.

7 replies on “VIDEO: Yacht sails away after damaging Bagga boats”


    What goes around comes around…..*K.ARMA*…All the [unsolved] R.OBBERY/V.OILENCE *Y.ACHT* Owners/C.REW Suffered in the P.AST.
    + A *B.LACKFISH* will L.IVE a F.EW M.OMTHS longer…..🇻🇨✍🏿

  2. Im watching you says:

    There’s a dock master who should be able to know which boat leave or enter the harbor at which time. They should able to give info on the boat. I’m living overseas where we work with boats. So the dock master should able to help. They need to pay for these damages.

  3. Long live the Black fish or whale. Fire for the killers. Jah will burn them he will hit tbem with diseases the eases and squizes.

  4. Ladies & Gentlemen its only a matter of time before the lovers of conservation hit back at the soldiers of anticonservation and exploitation of the sea. The destrucfion of the vesssels may signal a new front open against the worthy and the unworthy. The assasination of fifteen orcas three years ago nevèr went unnoticed. This is really a new front a fron against good and evil is just cause.

  5. This is the problem of having people visit the island vomit crimes and leave the locals unsupported. This should never be acceptable, they cannot do it in their own countries but yet because our borders are unprotected, thrives, robbers, drug dealers, gun traffickers and who ever else can do things like this. My fellow countryman , arm yourself and protect each other, do not trust these people. God will forever bless you all

  6. Friends of the whales says:

    Friends of the whales where are you? You have been dying for years without justice and punishment. Long live green peace.

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