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The scene in Owia where first responders have responded to a capsized boat in the waters off Cramacou.

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One person was reportedly unaccounted for at 9:15 p.m. Sunday after a boat capsized in the waters off Cramacou in north eastern St. Vincent.

This was the latest information from journalist Rochelle Baptiste, a resident of Owia, who has been reporting live on Facebook from the scene.

Coast Guard officers and residents of Owia have responded to the incident and a police source told iWitness News around 9 p.m. that initial reports are that a number of people went on a picnic to Baleine and were on their way back when they encountered difficulties at sea.

The boat, a pirogue, began to take on water and later capsized.

The occupants held on to the vessel and most of them were accounted for, the source said.

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Five people were taken to the Owia Clinic for medical attention, but their condition at this time was not known to iWitness News.

Baptiste spoke of the challenges that she was facing in trying to get information

She visited the shore in the area of Cramacou but said that it was pitch dark and voices were being heard in the area, presumably of persons who had been on the vessel.

She continued her broadcast from the fisheries complex in Owia, from where local fishing vessels depart and return.

“All we have been hearing is that six persons made it back from the boat that overturned. They said it was full but as to how many [were on board], we are not sure,” Baptiste said in response to a question from one of her viewers.

She said that a number of persons who are believed to have been on the vessel were brought to the wharf at the Owia

However, they were crying and did not want to talk, Baptiste said, adding that “a heavy-set person” was taken to the Owia Clinic for medical attention.

“And yes, we all pray that everybody makes it back safely,” she said as she signed off and promised to return if there were any further developments.